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TMCP #577: Pro-Touring Update with Tom Farrington – Insider Scoop on Attending and Racing in Pro-Touring Events

It’s once again is the quarterly Pro-Touring Update, Presented by Ron Francis Wiring, and normally starring Mr. Larry Callahan! BUT, Due to unforeseen circumstances we have a special guest host, Mr. Tom Farrington!
Tom has been on the show before way back in Episode #62 and a quick search of the internet returns many other interviews and articles ever since then. He and his wife Debbie are mainstays at Pro-Touring tracks and has a vast knowledge of the ins and outs of racing and attending these events. We asked Tom to give this quarter’s update due to his high lack of participation in events. Basically, Tom’s in the know!
Be sure to stay all the way to the end on this one…..because our favorite firstborn kid is just about to graduate from high school. Emily will be attending Drake University this fall to study education and minor in music. Her birth was the big reason I knew I needed to find a new way to do life to achieve all of the dreams we wanted to attempt…and TMCP was one of the outcomes of that. Long story short, if you dig these shows, you have her to thank. Congrats, Em!

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