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TMCP #579: ASK RICK – Summertime Parade Car Businesses; Evaluating a 4-Year College Degree in an Automotive Restoration; The Biggest International Muscle Car Parts Customers; OEM Retirements and a Changing of the Guard!

It is June and time for another riveting Ask Rick segment where I ask him the tough questions! The big event for the month is Flag Day! It is also the start of summer and time for vacations and traveling around to see this great country of ours or maybe another country. This month we dug into the realities of shipping to international customers (by the container load), the retirements of BIG names at Dodge and Chevy, and the value of a 4-year college degree in automotive education. The we followed it up by guessing at the best vehicles to buy for the summer – to use as parade vehicles – that you could sell at the end and make a great ROI!

It is the fifteenth year for The Muscle Car Place Podcast and it has come a long ways since it’s lowly beginnings and I thank you, the listener of coming along on the journey. I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities and the connections to meet incredible people and to share it all with you The Muscle Car Place audience.

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