The MuscleCar Place is based in Ames, Iowa and is owned by me – Robert Kibbe.  I’m a Mechanical Engineer, am in my mid 30’s, am married, and have 3 children so far – one boy and two girls.  I am a certified muscle car nut, and have been from day one after I fell in love with my folks beat up and rusted out ’64 Chevelle.  I grew up watching shows like The Dukes of Hazzard and the influence of that never wore off (and I have the speeding tickets to prove it).

It’s my goal to provide a service that allows all of us the ability to buy and sell our cars, share our car stories with our friends, and take our cars on the adventures that we’ve always dreamed of.   I want The MuscleCar Place to be the best place on the web that provides muscle car nuts like us a place to live and share everything related to our hobby.  Whether you’re just buying your first old hot rod, restoring one, like them stock or modified, or your car has been in your family since Day 1 – this is the place for you.

I realize that there may be bigger players out there, but no one is as passionate about old muscle cars than those of us here at The MuscleCar Place.  We are not a subsidiary of a larger car sales service that also sells muscle cars.  We deal in muscle cars sales and the muscle car lifestyle only, plain and simple.  It’s our one and only specialty!

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Thanks for visiting!

Robert Kibbe – President, The MuscleCar Place, LLC