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K&F Show #301: The Belt Alignment Conundrum; Car Movie Review: Michael Keaton’s “Gung Ho!”

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Car Movie Review: Michael Keaton’s “Gung Ho”

Well, you know it would happen sometime. We finally reviewed the car movie starring Michael Keaton and Long Duck Dong, and it’s glorious! A fictional Japanese Automotive company decided to expand production into the US in the mid 1980’s…..a lot like the actual companies really did.  And the Japanese have a wholly different work ethic than do regular old Union US Auto Workers.  And that’s true – or was back then. And a well intentioned but perpetually lucky Union Leader talks them into saving an abandoned US automotive plant that was the center of their town. The Japanese agreed, but only if the plant could be run with kaizen; a process of continuous improvement and dedication to work above all else.  So….that didn’t work at all.  But in the end, to save the plant, and save the town, the Japanese and the Americans work together to make something great….and by that, I mean the effort, not the cars.  8 Corndogs!

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