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K&F Show #238: MOPARTY 2022 Recap – Happy HEMI’s, Non-Stop Laughs, and Flying Orange Chargers!

Guess what? The Kibbe and Friends show was the official media partner of the General Lee Jump at Holley’s 3rd annual MoParty! We’re not bragging, but it was clearly the biggest event in the history of events that we have been the media partner thereof. 

Long story short, the event itself was overall amazing. The fun, the friends, the cars, and the feature jump were freaking amazing. Please call up Holley (or visit and let them know how that you enjoyed it if you went….OR just listen in to this Special Edition of the K&F Show and we’ll take you there for a recap! This episode feature the only and only Blane Burnett from Holley along with an “Open Audition” session for potential future K&F Guest Hosts Nathan Warren and Garret Daniels. Let us know what you think! 

We’ll be on Patreon next week, then back at if for the launch of Kibbe and Friends Phase 3 in October. 

-Rob, CD, and the Bern

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