K&F Show #269: Cody Young Returns for a Hot August Night! Movie Review – “Hot Rod”

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K&F Show Summary: Friends, for a lot of you this one has been a long time coming. This is our review of the Andy Samberg movie “Hot Rod.” It’s the tale of Rod, a young Evil Knievel wanna be stuntman, who makes his quest in life to do killer stunts to earn enough money to pay for his step father’s heart transplant. And that….is about as serious as it gets. Rod cannot grow a mustache, so he uses a fake one during his stunts. To quell his anger, he does gymnastics in the forest until he falls down the side of a mountain for about 2 minutes. His loser buddies build his ramps and light his fireworks. If there’s a school bus to jump, he’s your man. He won’t make it, but he’s your man anyway. It’s stupid, slapstick, musical, and pure comedic genius in every way. 10 Corndogs from all of us!

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TMCP #547: Mike Good – The Science of Dynamat! How to Choose Sound Deadening and Heat Insulation Without Going Crazy.

This week on The Muscle Car Place is with a great industry insider Mike Good, the CEO of Dynamat! I enjoy learning about the science and history of brands that I have used before, an Dynamat is one I’ve used numerous times for numerous reasons. I always new it to be in the sound deadening space because all of the guys in my high school used it in their “thumper” cars with the huge stereos. I’ve used it for different reasons on my cars; specifically heat abatement (headers are hot). This was my chance to learn the brand and the tech in one shot!

Mike has a long history of business leadership at the executive level across a number of different genres, even academia. He was previously the CMO of FinishMaster (automotive paints) and started a communications company that was really good at tracking things through software and GPS. He has been interested in cars his whole life and has been in the industry for decades. Today he’s proud to be the leader of Dynamat, a place that can tinker with car products (and other things) day in and day out.

TMCP #505: Chasing the Dream with Zip Simons – 10 Years of Building Elite Rides at Street Metal Concepts!

Many years ago I was in the middle of a surreal experience of realizing the dream of building my parents car, that I grew up in, into an auto-cross machine that was made better than I ever imagined. I met lifetime friends that donated time to make the dream happen. Street Metal Concepts turned the metal handiwork of  Jeff Allison, into the gleaming, flawless paint, perfectly gapped, SEMA Show car that it became.

Almost 10 years later my Chevelle is back at Street Metal Concepts for a few tweaks and updates so I wanted to check in with Street Metal Concepts to see how things are going, what life lessons they have learned, and to catch up with my buddy Zip Simons!

TMCP #457: Mike Finnegan Returns – Zany 200 MPH Cadillacs, Hemi Powered ’55 Chevy’s, and YouTube Stardom Tricks!

This week I caught up with a very special friend of the show, Mike Finnegan. I met Mike on The Hot Rod Power Tour in 2015. That later fostered into a friendship that launched the Kibbe and Finnegan Podcast in 2016 (which today is the Kibbe and Friends Show). Mike’s best known as the host of popular automotive shows Roadkill (Motor Trend), Finnegan’s Garage (YouTube), and Faster with Finnegan (Motor Trend). More importantly than all that, he’s LOVES to make hilariously fun automobile projects with his friends and share them with the world. That’s the subject of today’s discussion!

TMCP #441: It REALLY IS Possible! Chris Holstrom Customs on How to Create a PROFITABLE and FUN Custom Car Shop! – Ask Rick, How To Choose a Catalog Cover Car

This weeks interview is with Chris Holtrom, longtime friend and many time repeat interviewee dating years back to TMCP Episode #50. Chris is also famous as the owner and namesake of Chris Holstrom Concepts and the creator of many show winning automotive creations at huge venues like SEMA. Just recently we asked him on The Kibbe and Friends Show (K&F Episode 159) to discuss the experience of his entire family contracting COVID-19! It was a remarkable insight into his realities of it all. At the end of that long interview he dropped a tiny comment about changing his entire business from a fun but (at times) consuming job into a highly profitable and life-fitting business! And then “with that bombshell, goodnight!” the show ended. I knew in that second that Chris was coming back on to explain himself. This is that show, and believe me it is amazing! If you own a shop, a business, or would like to this may just be revolutionary for you.

TMCP #434: Scott Bowers – How COVID-19 Has Impacted Manufacturing at Ron Francis Wiring; Pro-Touring Update with Larry Callahan

This week, at long last, I caught up with a very busy guy Scott Bowers. Scott is the president of Ron Francis wiring and I wanted to get his story about how they are coping with the Covid-19 pandemic. They are a manufacturer and located on the East Coast, two components of the equation that I was curious about. I was amazed at his candor regarding the situation but not too surprised at the answers.

TMCP #382: “Small” Front Tire Cars Have a Shot Again! Ed Capen on The New Rules Changes for the 2019 Good Guys Autocross!

This weeks interview is with Ed Capen, Vice President, Sales and Sponsorships for Good-guys Rod & Custom Association to talk about the new rules for the 2019 racing season. Ed has been on the show previously and we got straight into the rules. Good-guys is first and foremost a car show with an Autocross added on. The customer is the car show attendee and the goal is to make it fun and so that car owners do not have to build their cars specifically for this race series.

The new rules are very exciting and make it possible for a normal or slightly modified classic car owner to be able to compete against other similar vehicles. Classes such as Pro-X now exist but the massive tire, super lightweight, race specific cars are not competing against Joe Normal’s heavy car with smaller tires.