TMCP #325: 48 Cars in 48 States: Travis “Royboy” Scanlan’s Cross Country Camping Bonanza, & Rob’s Adventures on Hot Rod Power Tour 2017!

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Travis “Roy Boy” Scanlon

48 Cars in 48 States

Irene the Camper ready for the road
Irene the Camper ready for the road
Irene and the 63
Irene and the 63

In this week’s episode I talked to Travis “Roy Boy” Scanlan who is a previous guest of the show. He’s about to embark on a HUGE adventure by taking his ’63 1/2 Ford Galazy across the country…and pulling a tiny camper along to live in! The goal is to photo 48 cars in 48 states!

Travis grew up around cars and gets a lot of joy just being around and photographing old autos. Around 15 years ago he started Royboy Productions to advertise his audio production company and somehow it turned into a photo hosting site for pictures he takes while attending hot rod and custom car shows. This has also led to photo gigs for large companies such as Speedway Motors and others. He admits that this is not his day job but is definitely his passion.

In his travels Travis has met a lot of people and made many friends. He has noticed that some of his buddies have passed away and he realized that life is short. He figured if he is going to do the things on his bucket list, he should start now. Travis hosts a podcast on the Royboy site where he announced to his listeners that he would drive to 48 States and photograph 48 different cars. The plan admittedly has changed a little but the effort has started and the goal will be achieved. Irene the Camper (“canned ham” camper) has been purchased and then restored to roadworthy condition.

The car of choice for the trip is Travis’s 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxy that he has rebuilt and repainted in a classic 1963 custom paint scheme. He said he saw a car like it at a show one time and it captured his attention like no other. It will definitely turn heads on this trip and be the perfect backdrop to this amazing life journey.

Check out the Royboy web page for more details at and check out the 48 Cars in 48 States section. You can also follow on You can also check out the Chrome Pipes and Pinstripes side of this interview at

Thanks Travis for the interview!

-Rob Kibbe

p.s. Guess what? I went on the Hot Rod Power Tour this year. That’s cool…but even cooler is that while there the Chevelle was chosen for a full article on “The Block” by Chevrolet Performance! Link is here:

My Chevelle on "The Block!"
My Chevelle on “The Block!”


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Images From Power Tour 2017

Photo Jun 11, 2 30 10 PM
Dallas with “The King!” A Richard Petty themed Superbird built by Pett’s Garage.
Photo Jun 12, 2 34 12 PM
The Green Hornay! Jacob Davis’ faithful AMC contraption.
Photo Jun 12, 3 44 47 PM
Tony Whatley and Rob on the Power Tour.
Photo Jun 13, 2 32 49 PM
Definitely the coolest Lincoln on the Power Tour. Wheels and stance are perfect!
Photo Jun 13, 3 09 10 PM
Rob and Max Amick – with Max’s LS powered Nova wagon.
Photo Jun 13, 3 17 11 PM
I don’t know why, but I fell in love with this beautifully restored ’73 Torino. It had a factory 351 Cleveland and A/C!
Photo Jun 13, 3 21 09 PM
Firefird aficionados take note. This baby as T-Tops!
Photo Jun 13, 5 46 00 PM
What a treat! The Chevelle was chosen by these two fine gents from “The Block” to be a Chevrolet Performance feature car. It’s live on right now!
Photo Jun 13, 11 24 18 AM
Banzai run home. My pal Aaron and I have done this trip a number of times now. It’s fun every time.


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