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K&F Show #302: Real Heroes, Daisy Road Runners, and a Break from Reality; Dukes Review: S4E2 “Double Dukes”

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Presented with Holley – Back for 2024! 

Phase 3 of Kibbe and Friends is officially here, and Holley is back for more fun, foolishness, and flying orange Chargers! Once again we’re proud to be associated with the historic name that has made cars fast for years and years, and their innovations continue forward (as always)!

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Classic Dukes Review: S4E2
“Double Dukes”

In the universe of most important episodes of the most important TV shows of all time, this one is at the top. The Dukes of Hazzard go where many have gone before by using the same actors to play dual roles of themselves…..but this time we get to see the real General Lee vs it’s duplicate while being gloriously directed by Paul Baxley. The plot is terrible, there are editing mistakes a plenty, but General fighting General will leave you ready to fight anyone, anywhere, and anytime! Boss Hogg hires two bad guys – played by one decent actor and one terrible one – to double Bo and Luke, then rob a bank in broad daylight in full of witnesses. The goal – get ride of the Dukes for all. It doesn’t work, we get shots of the General inside that are so great, and multiple jumps worth singing for. I can’t believe we haven’t redone this one already. This is in my Top 10 – maybe Top 5 – of all Dukes of Hazzard Episodes ever. 10 Corndogs!

Legit Episode Info

Original KF Review: – Episode 71 of the Kibbe and Friends Show

Season 4 – Episode 2 “Double Dukes”
Written by Martin Roth
Directed by Paul Baxley
Airdate: 10/16/1981


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