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Episode 26

Welcome to Episode #26 of the Kibbe and Finnegan show! If you’re new to the show, Mike Finnegan and I have taken our Dukes of Hazzard fandom and turned it into a full fledged automotive podcast Gong Show of sorts, completed with a full episode review from The Dukes of Hazzard. It’s every 40-year-old’s dream, right?






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-Rob Kibbe


The Dukes pray before a meal with their pal “Hard Luck”….and then drive around in a stolen tank in S2E15 of the Dukes of Hazzard. Image Credit: Warner Bros

Dukes of Hazzard S2 E15: Follow That Still

K&F Show Summary:

The Dukes help an habitually-making-moonshine-but-constantly-getting-caught friend of Uncle Jesse’s by the name of “Hard Luck” after he steals Boss Hogg’s new tank. Technically I guess it’s an “APC” and not a tank, but who cares. It shoots stuff and drives on tracks. Anyway, Boss bought the tank to hide stolen cigarettes in as a place to resell them from. Hard Luck steals the tank to make his moonshine inside of it, thereby giving him a portable manufacturing facility that will be hard to catch by the Feds. As you may have guessed, he didn’t know about the contraband cigs, the tank breaks down on the Dukes land, and the world will come to an untimely end unless they get rid of the evidence. There’s not enough General Lee action in this one for our taste, but it’s still good fun. Hijinks ensue.


Legit Show Info:

Season 2 – Episode 15 “Follow That Still”
Airdate: 1/18/80
Written by William Raynor & Myles Wilder
Directed by Jack Whitman


Interesting Tidbits:

-The moonshiner is named “Hard Luck,” played by Fred Stuthman. Died July 7 1982 – about a year and a half after this episode aired. He started his acting career in 1963 at the age of 44 hosting a TV show called Jeepers Creepers Theatre – a horror movie show. Also starred in a few things including Escape from Alcatraz in 1979 with Clint Eastwood.

-LB is back in this show for Cooter – according the IMDB, the L in LB stands for “Longstreet.”

-Bad Guy Flint is played by Ted Markland is in this show…and he’ll be back as another bad guy in Season 7, Danger on the Hazzard Express, as one of the 3 bad guys that convert the General lee to radio control, load it with explosives, in order to ram a train loaded with gold.

-They have a tank! And we thought Fast and Furious came up with that idea…



Corndog’s Super Insider Analysis:

There wasn’t much General Lee action in this episode, but the cars that were used, looked pretty good. They could have been short-handed on Chargers during this episode… or they just felt that the General wasn’t really needed as much for this script. The APC Tank seemed to have taken the main role, as far as vehicles go. There was quite a bit of patrol car action though. There were plenty of crashes and jumps, as far as patrol cars go.

Over the last few episodes, we have pointed out that they were filmed out of order. Ben Jones and James Best were both in and out over the last few episodes. In this particular episode, you’ll notice that Ben Jones (Cooter) was out and Ernie Lively (LB) was in. This is just my personal opinion, but if I had to guess, I would say that this is probably the episode that was did it for James Best. From what I heard, James Best left because he felt that his personal trailer (aka: “honeywagon”) was not up to par… and that he was tired of always sitting around in soaking wet clothes without a proper dressing room to change in. Just in this episode alone, Rosco was completely soaked on three different occasions. Maybe this episode was an eye-opener for him… or the final straw to break the camel’s back. Like I said, it’s just my opinion.

-10:34 mark – When Bo and Luke are leaving the farm to go find Hardluck, you can see Daisy’s yellow Road Runner sitting next to the barn, even thought it was blown up in the last episode.

– 15:46 – When Rosco is chasing the Bo and Luke in the tank, he flips his car and it ends up on it’s side. When they show the underside of the car, you can clearly see a brand new shiny nut and bolt on the bottom of the car. This is where the crew bolted a roll bar to the floor. Most of the roll bars (In GLs and Police cars) were welded to a flat plate, which would bolt to the floor, and was removable. I’m not sure if they reused the roll bars or if they did this for time constraint reasons. They could build many roll bars at one time, and bolt them in as they needed.

– 37:00 – When Luke and Daisy run alongside the tow truck and jump on, you can clearly tell that this was the stunt crew. Most of the time, you will notice that they are trained to do their job, and keep their back to the camera. During the whole scene, you do not see their faces at all. This makes it hard for me to pick out who did what scene. I thought it was funny how the wind blew their hair everywhere but when the camera cut to the interior for the tow truck, Luke and Daisy just sit there and look at each other with their perfect hair.

– 41:00 – When Enos’ patrol car and the Tank are driving through the creek, this is the Santa Clarita River at the Indian Dunes. You will notice that this is the same spot where Daisy’s Road Runner goes over the cliff in the previous episodes… and where the General Lee makes the huge jump over “Styxx River” in previous episodes.

-The last thing I wanted to point out was that Bo finds the cigarettes hidden in the tank and starts throwing them out of the tank. At the 46:45 mark, everyone bails out of the tank. At the 47:02 mark, the unmanned tank is about to run into the side of the Boar’s Nest, but the boxes of cigarettes are still being thrown out.

-Ok, one more last thing… during this episode, the Veluzats were supplying the vehicles. I didn’t watch for this in the credits, but they probably also supplied the tank. During this time, and still today, the Veluzats have a huge inventory of military vehicles. Everything from Jeeps, motorcycles, tanks, helicopters, big trucks… you name it, they have it. They also supplied the vehicles for M.A.S.H. If I had to guess, this was their tank… and they probably still have it today.



Dream Board Update: Goals to Accomplish Before Episode 200

Coca Cola Corporation take note. This is how awesome sponsoring our show would be. Even when driving Ferrari F-430 race prepped track cars Kibbe can only think about how refreshing a Diet Coke would be.

1. Get Diet Coke to Sponsor us….or just Kibbe.

2. Be characters in the Disney/Pixar movie, Cars 3. Finnegan is the General. Kibbe…is wishing he was the General.

3. Syndicate the show onto TV and radio, having awesome guests in studio, with Dale Earnhardt Jr. on regularly to be our best friend.

4. Get John Schneider himself on the show with us. Pray to God he actually likes us and isn’t freaked out.

5. Blow up the podcast so that it becomes a regular weekly show, interviewing celebrities, and actually providing a living for us capable of allowing us to race cars anytime we want plus let our wives get the shoes they like.

6. Get our own studio.

7. We each get a General Lee (real car – not a toy).

8. Get a Voiceover Guy to announce the segments.

9. Jump a car together. Kibbe wants to go 30-feet vertical.

10. Make a Dream GL that is based off of a 1973 NASCAR Charger (like the 1/16th scale AMT model)

11. Kibbe needs a new wallet to replace his “George Costanza”.

12. Mike to get a new truck for legit towing. DONE!


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