TMCP #474: Ask Rick – The True Price of FREE Shipping of Restoration Parts!

It is August, time for football to resume,  and time for another no holds barred Ask Rick interview with Rick Schmidt! This time (in addition to another fun nitpick through eBay car listings) we delved into the topic of “free shipping.” Even further, the actual costs of shipping and receiving of large orders, small orders, freight orders, damage returns, and the like. You may be shocked to hear it….but the “free shipping” on those parts you bought online didn’t actually have a free ANYTHING!


Rob invented a product! Well, a team of buddies and Kibbe invented a product…and finally launched it. It only took 10 years and it’s not for cars at all. It’s for baseball! Check it out:

TMCP #472: Rick Love on Keeping Hot Rods and Muscle Cars Cool with Vintage Air; Craig Morrison Tribute

This week, marks the official return of summer and the one interview you can count on, Rick Love of Vintage Air! Rick has been on the show going back to episode 144 and Vintage Air was key in providing the Chevelle with its crisp cool breeze. I look forward to seeing Rick at SEMA every year. 2020 was a full year for us all, but especially Rick. He is now the President of Vintage Air and will soon be inducted into the SEMA Hall of fame!

I also asked Rick to speak on the state of the aftermarket as a whole in light of 2020’s effects on everything (supply chain, material costs, shipping, etc.) and discuss the rise in quality we’ve seen the past 10 years for parts in general. In addition I had hoped he could speak to the impact and legacy of the late Craig Morrison…..which he did gracefully. Craig and his father Art worked hand in hand in growing Art Morrison Enterprises of course, but Craig was a friend to all. He’ll be deeply missed and our sympathies go out to his wife, son, parents, and all extended family and friends.

K&F Show #175: Hollywood License Plates; Dukes of Hazzard S5E22 Review “Daisy’s Shotgun Wedding”

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Presented with Holley! It’s a new year, and maybe a new (old, kinda crappy, still cool) ride is in your future! Holley is giving away Freiburger’s very own ’66 Buick convertible – the car that started Roadkill! If that’s not enough….did you know that Holley is hiring? Maybe 2021 could be the year you get that dream job! Click here:, and here:

Projects: In this episode…we debunk the real facts behind movie car license plates you can buy today. Also, Corndog’s black ’66 Charger needs a whole new serpentine pulley system….and he’s got it. The red ’69 is about to get a Holley 600 to replace the Rochester carb someone put on it!

Dukes Review: This is the Season 5 finale episode that features “Bull” from the TV sitcom “Night Court.” It also features a section on forced marriage. Also ultralight aircraft. Meh. Its OK. The highlight might be one jump scene followed by a weird split second when you see a bunch or random people off camera. There appears to be some in car audio taken of the GL as well, which is awesome. 5 Corndogs.

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TMCP #437: Byron Burnham’s 1976 Chevy “IMSA” Vega….Driven By Santa Claus – Pro-Touring Update, With Larry Callahan?

This weeks interview with Mr Byron Burnham, a well rounded individual with a very jolly disposition and a penchant for Chevy Vegas! His “IMSA” inspired ’76 Vega is a standout at every event..but that’s only a part of Byron’s M.O. By summers, he’s a race car driver with a fast sled that’s the only one of it’s kind. By winters….same story, but a different sled!

TMCP #406: Jordan Zlotoff – The Amazing M1 Concourse in Motor City; The Pro-Touring Update with Larry Callahan

This weeks show is with Jordan Zlotoff, the Chief Executive Officer of the M1 Concourse in Pontiac Michigan. Perhaps just a few years ago not many people had heard of the M1. Today however, times have changed! Thanks to a multiple great events and it’s strategic placement near the automotive capital of the world, the M1 is gaining international attention. We were onsite at the recent (and massive) Roadkill nights event there as mentioned in Episode 403. Jordan is leading the way on the high visibility of this fantastic place and I wanted to find out more about it.

TMCP #362: Rick Love, Vintage Air; Keeping it Cool with the Latest in A/C Technology in your Classic Car – NPD’s Ask Rick, The Business of Apprenticeship, Taxes, and Vintage Radios!

Our guest this week is once again Rick Love, the executive vice president of Vintage Air, the premier supplier of  automotive state of the art add on A/C systems. Rick recently completed the Hot Rod Power Tour and the MSRA Back to the Fifties Tour. The 32 Ford was equipped with Vintage Air’s Universal Gen II systems and rarely was set over medium and handled the Texas heat great.

TMCP #342: Eric Casperson from on Newer Pontiac Muscle Parts! – Pro-Touring Update with Larry Callahan

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TMCP #342: Eric Casperson on Newer Pontiac Muscle Parts! – Pro-Touring Update with Larry Callahan and the Good Guys year end finale.