TMCP #578: Fifteen Years Of The Muscle Car Place With Jeff Allison – How To Build Cars And Gain A Family

This week marks the fifteenth anniversary of The Musclecar Place podcast and all of the adventures that have ensued since then. Fifteen years ago I had a dream to start a radio show where I could talk about fast classic cars and meet people that build, race or buy and sell those vehicles. The one “guest” that has been on the show more than any of them, and has had a bigger impact than all of them, is Jeff Allison. Jeff is the one that stepped up and took a huge chance and changed both of our lives forever. In this interview we take a trip down memory lane and recollect how we met and built a race car that went to SEMA and made a family out of a podcast.

TMCP #543: New Show Debut – The “Factoryish” Podcast – The Real Life, Times, and Cars Inside a Hot Rod Shop!

This week, I have the outstanding privilege of of introducing a brand new podcast on The MuscleCar Place Network. It’s called “Factorish” and is hosted by my great friends Kirk Hansen and Zip Simons. This new show is an all new concept for us, and one that Kirk has pioneered, with Zip providing the insight that only a hot rod shop owner can. It’s a full talk show, built for YouTube and audio podcast release but featuring automotive reviews and drives as well. Think of it like The MuscleCar Place, combined with My Classic Car, combined with Entrepreneur magazine.

You can plan to watch and listen to two new episodes of Factoryish each month. Be sure to visit their website often and bookmark ALL of the platforms below!

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TMCP #415: Inside the Wyotech Diesel Program: Classroom, Hands On, and Salary Perspectives from a Student and Instructor! – Ask Rick: Shelby, Iacocca and, and Ford vs. Ferrari

This week Wyotech returns with the “insider” interview we’ve been hoping for: an instructor and a student together. Our guests are diesel instructor Mark Muhsman accompanies by his student Micah Hager. This interview is specifically intended to help people considering the automotive trades to understand what the commitment of school can be, what they can do to prepare themselves to be successful PRIOR to coming to school, and (practically) what they can expect to make as a starting salary after graduation. All of those were answered!