TMCP #308: The Great Ronnie Wetch, Host of the C10 Talk Podcast, Talking all things Chevy Truck!

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Ronnie Wetch -C10 Talk
Ronnie Wetch -C10 Talk

This weeks interview is with C10 Talk founder and host, Ronnie Wetch. Many of you likely already know him from listening to his awesome podcast shows, and we finally met in person at SEMA 2016. Since we both host shows and love talking…we decided to do a double header. As such, he’s the guest on my show this week, and I am the guest on his as well (Episode #59).

Ronnie is a full time fire fighter and EMT in addition to owning and operating C10 Talk. As you’ll hear in the show his passion for these trucks that goes back to younger years of riding around in other peoples C10 trucks thinking of the day he may have one of his own. Now he has a field full!

Perhaps my love of the “slope nose square body” trucks (as Ronnie educated me) comes from old episodes of “The Fall Guy.”

In the last few years there has become a huge crossover of C10’s into the muscle car space, likely beginning with the uber popular 67-72 series, the 60-66, and the the newer ’73-’87 “square bodies” (the with the later “slop nose” ones being my favorite).

camper-specialSince trucks can really be anything from a corner cruiser, to a stuff hauler, to a rock crawler, Ronnie has found a niche in which told me that there is always something to learn and someone to talk to about older Chevy trucks. He believes he will not run out of material to talk about and that he loves what he does!

I asked him about the differences between models and years and I learned quite a bit. Ronnie said he always had wanted an orange and white 1972 C10 and now he has one.He compared it to a 1969 Camaro in muscle car terms. For anyone a fan of Chevy (and GMC) trucks…you’ll dig this show.

You can find Ronnie on his website

Thanks for the interview, Ronnie!

-Rob Kibbe


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