TMCP #415: Inside the Wyotech Diesel Program: Classroom, Hands On, and Salary Perspectives from a Student and Instructor! – Ask Rick: Shelby, Iacocca and, and Ford vs. Ferrari

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Mark Muhsman, Micah Hager
Wyotech, Wyoming Technical Institute

Wyotech diesel instructor Mark Muhsman and Student Micah Hager.

This week Wyotech returns with the “insider” interview we’ve been hoping for: an instructor and a student together. Our guests are diesel instructor Mark Muhsman accompanies by his student Micah Hager. This interview is specifically intended to help people considering the automotive trades to understand what the commitment of school can be, what they can do to prepare themselves to be successful PRIOR to coming to school, and (practically) what they can expect to make as a starting salary after graduation. All of those were answered!

Wyotech Garage

Wyoming Technical Institute provides a compressed and intense learning experience designed to  focus the student learning abilities by encompassing them in the experience. They specifically do a 9-month “all in” Monday-Friday 8-5 educational model that takes half the time of other programs out there.

The teachers at Wyotech teach the fundamentals that are common across all automotive brands, with a high emphasis on TROUBLESHOOTING via the electrical system, ECM, etc. There may be a learning curve for the individual brands, but students will be able to pick it up easily. Wyotech student are highly recruited by employers as a result.

If you would like to learn more about attending Wyotech you can research and enroll at or find out the latest happenings at

Thanks for the interview, and the inside look at Wyotech!

-Rob Kibbe


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“Ask Rick” with NPD’s Rick Schmidt!

NPD’s Rick Schmidt

On this December “Christmas” edition of “Ask Rick” we talked about the long awaited movie Ford Vs Ferrari. Rick is a Ford aficionado and is very knowledgeable on  Ford history. The Schmidt family has even been involved with the Fords and is responsible for saving many Ford records. With such a background Rick has a unique perspective on the events as portrayed in the movie, especially the facts that were “twisted” a bit to make a more compelling drama. This is one great film and luckily we have Rick to point out to not believe everything you see on the silver screen.

Rick and his father also have a unique history as recipients (and presenters) of the Iacocca award! Listen in for the full details on what this award entails (and why).

Thanks Rick, thanks for another great interview!





Welcome Aluma Trailers!

Aluma Trailers has come aboard the TMCP network!! Are they crazy – or crazy like a fox? (Answer – they are not crazy.) Stay tuned for more details on this IOWA company that makes the worlds best aluminum trailer options for enthusiasts!


Welcome Holley!

Holley TerminatorStealth EFI – 550-445

As announced – Holley has joined us as the official EFI source for Kibbe and Friends! Stay tuned for updates on the sweet sweet and authentic looking fuel injection that will soon go on #KibbeLee. Click the image above to hear Blane Burnett from Holley!

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