TMCP #444: Holley MOPARTY 2020 Special #1 – YouTube Sensation Dylan McCool and “Mr Norm” Kraus, The Biggest MOPAR Dealer Ever; Ask Rick – The Return of Events in 2021

Feature Guests from MOPARTY: YouTube Sensation Dylan McCool and the World Famous “Mr. Norm!” This week is the first of several interviews from the first ever Holley “MOPARTY” event held in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Friend of the show (and Holley marketing superstar) Blane Burnett was able to line us up with some great interviews at the event with some famous people. MOPAR lovers young and old will recognize the names of many of our guests. Since SEMA was a no go this year, I was determined to make the Holley MOPARTY a better than fitting replacement to our yearly special segments live from the event.

TMCP #438: Blane Burnett, Holley Performance Products and the Moparty of the Century! – Ask Rick, Ford’s Next Big Hit, The Bronco

This weeks interview is with friend and supporter of the show, Blane Burnett, the Events and Content Manager at Holley Performance Products. Holley has announced a brand new all MOPAR event in September called “MOPARTY” and I asked Blane to give the full scoop on what’s planned. Here’s my short summary: if the Chrysler Pentastar is important to you, it’s going to make your dreams come true!

TMCP #420: TV’s Dave Rea of DB Customs, Mopar Restorations for Dodge Boys and Girls; NPD’s Ask Rick – Bullitt Auction Recap

This week is a special guest I met at SEMA but did not get to talk to until he agreed to be on the show. David Rey is well known from the show Graveyard Cars but in 2018 he realized he was not cut out for the world of reality TV. It was only after he quit the show that his wife said he should just start restoring Mopars in his own shop. When he rattles of the list of the cars that are in line for work, it would make most resto shops shudder. Even with all of the jobs, David is a one man show handing the bulk of the work himself!

TMCP #419: Ryan Brutt, The Auto Archaeologist, A Deep Dive Into Finding Forgotten Cars – Pro-Touring Update, Big Red Camaro and RJ Gottlieb special interview

This week is a returning fan favorite friend of the show, Ryan Brutt.  It is always great talking to Ryan and in this interview he does an even deeper dive into how he finds cars and yet still protect the owners from the endless calls that his pictures would definitely generate. 

Ryan has long had a love of cars and a great joy in the hunt of hidden automotive treasures. His quest has led to meeting many people and helping a great majority of them to either start the restoration they have put off for year, or sell it to a worthy buyer who will treat it with respect and love.

This episode of the Pro-Touring update is a great interview with RJ Gottlieb discussing everything Big Red Camaro related. I previously interviewed RJ five years ago in Episode 253 and I knew we had to do it again. RJ covers rebuilding the car and even previous to that, the evolution from stock vehicle to full tube frame chassis and Nascar parts.

K&F Show #128: MOPAR at SEMA – Dukes Review: S4E23 “Bad Day in Hazzard”

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This episode is ALSO presented by returning sponsors Aluma Trailers, and returning sponsors Holley and Wyotech! Listen in for details!

Dukes Review: Bad Day in Hazzard
Believe it or not, but this is a legitimately good episode. It’s been a while, right? Even the General is acknowledged to have been damaged by smashing bad guys and is then repaired. It’s crazy town! Anyway, here’s the summary: bad guys come to Hazzard to pull of an “Oceans 11” style heist of an armored car delivering money to Boss Hogg’s bank. The Dukes later thwart the robbery. The end. Dang. Come to think of it, it’s hard to write up a compelling summary to this – but trust us – it’s good. Here’s a tidbit of info that was fun: Actor M.C. Gainey is in this episode as a background thug-bad-guy…which is not important at all…but that very same actor went on to portray Rosco P. Coltrane in the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie!

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TMCP #409: Go Big or Go Home: Fast Freddies Hellcat Powered ’69 Road Runner Pro-Touring Beast; Larry Callahan with the SEMA Pro-Touring Update

This episode presented by Title Sponsor National Parts Depot!

This weeks show is with Fred Kappus, owner of Fast Freddies Rod Shop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Fred’s shop is campaigning a stellar ’69 Road Runner called “Hellrunner” in the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Cars series, with it competing really well against the smaller (and more prevalent) Camaros and Mustangs. This is akin to an aircraft carrier competing against fighter jets…. but they’re doing it and doing it well and I wanted to learn exactly HOW!

This episode also supported by associate sponsors Wyotech, Holley, and Aluma Trailers

TMCP #350: Silver Sport Transmissions Talks Modern Overdrive Automatic Swaps for ’69 Chargers (and All Muscle Cars) – Ask Rick, Collectible R Model Shelby Mustangs and Whether to Restore a Basket Case

In this TMCP episode I spoke to Jeff Kauffman ‎and Bryan White (and former TMCP interviewee) from ‎Silver Sport Transmissions Maryville, Tennessee. Since I picked up the General Lee I have been debating options for overdrive transmissions to make life on the highway a little easier. Also overdrive transmissions have been around since before the 80’s so it is possible the Duke Boys could have swapped one in (if they had been allowed on highways outside of the county). I asked Jeff and Bryan to come on the show and answer some of my questions about transmission options. Want to hear something else cool? The old Cars for a Living podcast show that I used to host is one of the reasons Bryan left his ho-hum career with a major corporation to join the aftermarket…and Silver Sport was where he landed!

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