TMCP #549: Jason Chandler of Auto Metal Direct – How to Make Brand New 50 Year old Cars!

This week on The Muscle Car Place is a great interview with Jason Chandler, Director of Marketing at Auto Metal Direct (known in the industry as “AMD”. As of late I noticed that AMD had released some of the “un-ob-tanium” parts for ’68 and ’69 Charger restorations, nearly to the point that a person could build an entirely new car from scratch. This peaked my interest, so I asked Jason for the details. It turns out that you nearly could build one of those cars now… well as a few others (and trucks), all from new metal! ’69 Camaros and Square-body Chevy trucks are both good to go, and a few others are close as well. I needed the details!

Listener mail: Rob, A few years ago I shared with you my goals and plans for my Tesla powered 1940 Chevrolet.  Well, after a lot of work, set backs, and strange gremlins, I finally got to the track this summer.  I put together a video summarizing the track test, and wanted to share it.

TMCP #541: Topher McGinnis – The Headlight Motor Man Can! Restoration for Hidden Headlights, Open to Close!

This week our guest was Topher McGinnis, otherwise known as the “Headlight Motor man.” He is the person in the vast world of “MOPAR hidden headlight restoration” and has found a unique way to service a very specific segment of the restoration industry. I didn’t ask him specifically about non MOPAR applications, but I’m sure he’d be willing to help give advice one way or the other!

K&F Show #187: The Full Glorious Review of Joe Dirt – The Mopars, Kid Rock’s Firebird, Gut Busters, Zippity Do Das, and Crap Flappers!

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Movie Review: This is it! If you have been waiting months or years for us to finally review this movie, your days of suffering are now over. Here it is in all it’s glory. This may be the perfect movie for a show like ours to actually review because,  #1 – it’s dumb,  #2 – it’s funny, #3 – it has great cars, and #4 – this movie is told, in audio story form, from a radio station, with everyone glued to their audio listening device.  This was a time when real stars were on the radio….which we’re just going to claim as old-school form of a podcast.  It may also be (in a way) the redneck cousin sequel to our favorite movie Tommy Boy as well (listen in for details).

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TMCP #444: Holley MOPARTY 2020 Special #1 – YouTube Sensation Dylan McCool and “Mr Norm” Kraus, The Biggest MOPAR Dealer Ever; Ask Rick – The Return of Events in 2021

Feature Guests from MOPARTY: YouTube Sensation Dylan McCool and the World Famous “Mr. Norm!” This week is the first of several interviews from the first ever Holley “MOPARTY” event held in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Friend of the show (and Holley marketing superstar) Blane Burnett was able to line us up with some great interviews at the event with some famous people. MOPAR lovers young and old will recognize the names of many of our guests. Since SEMA was a no go this year, I was determined to make the Holley MOPARTY a better than fitting replacement to our yearly special segments live from the event.

TMCP #438: Blane Burnett, Holley Performance Products and the Moparty of the Century! – Ask Rick, Ford’s Next Big Hit, The Bronco

This weeks interview is with friend and supporter of the show, Blane Burnett, the Events and Content Manager at Holley Performance Products. Holley has announced a brand new all MOPAR event in September called “MOPARTY” and I asked Blane to give the full scoop on what’s planned. Here’s my short summary: if the Chrysler Pentastar is important to you, it’s going to make your dreams come true!

TMCP #420: TV’s Dave Rea of DB Customs, Mopar Restorations for Dodge Boys and Girls; NPD’s Ask Rick – Bullitt Auction Recap

This week is a special guest I met at SEMA but did not get to talk to until he agreed to be on the show. David Rey is well known from the show Graveyard Cars but in 2018 he realized he was not cut out for the world of reality TV. It was only after he quit the show that his wife said he should just start restoring Mopars in his own shop. When he rattles of the list of the cars that are in line for work, it would make most resto shops shudder. Even with all of the jobs, David is a one man show handing the bulk of the work himself!