TMCP #562: The 2023 Christmas Show: Feature Interview with Santa Claus – Alternative Fuels, Electric Sleighs, and How to Get on the Nice List!

Merry Christmas from The MuscleCar Place and have a Happy New Year!


Santa Claus:

Would Santa Drive An Electric Car?

Claus, Santa.

Tis the season and time once again for the Christmas episode of The Muscle Car Place! Our featured guest once again gave his most exclusive interview of the year, and as far as we now we are the only automotive outlet to feature him. This year marks it 15 years in a row, n fact! He is known worldwide by many names; Pere Noel, Old Saint Nick, etc…..but we’ll call him by the name we know him as best: Santa Claus!

This year Santa seems a little more stressed than normal and with all of the happenings over the year it is not surprising. I did get to ask his opinions on new cars and his memories on older ones. Santa loves cars of all types but he generally loves flying cars and has no idea about new electric vehicles or any opinion on them yet. He did acknowledge that the North Pole is into alternative fuels if you listen close to the interview. In fact, he’s claiming that they pioneerered it!

The Keys to the Sleigh.

2023 was a great year at The Muscle Car Place with many awesome guests, experiences, and incredible sponsors supporting the show.  The staff at TMCP was able to get out and about and see fans at multiple live events. The whole gang, Bernie, Corndog, Nathan Warren, and Scotty Stap from The Muscle Car Place and The Kibbe and Friends shows got together at Holley Moparty to hang out and meet friends again. The excitement level was high and the racing action intense and of course the interviews were entertaining! It was great to see old friends and meet new ones like James & Caroline from HHWheels, Dylan McCool, and Tony Angelo.

We also attended SEMA again but this time we went outside and hit the race track to watch Scott Bowers from Ron Francis Wiring have fun racing in the OUSCI ( Optima Search For the Ultimate Street Car).  We also sent staff to events around the country. Scotty Stap even traveled to Chicago to attend the MCACN Show courtesy of Ryan Brutt to witness the sheer size of the event. We loved getting you and meeting people and look forward to doing more of it in 2024!

If you would like to hear any of Santa’s interviews from previous years, you can find them here on the website! It all started in 2009 with Episode 28, then followed annually with Episode 67, Episode 114, Episode 160, Episode 197Episode 233Episode 270 ,  Episode 307, Episode 343, Episode 379, Episode 416, Episode 452, Episode 490,  and last Christmas in Episode 528. We even had Santa on for our gigantic bonanza Episode 300 Celebration show! You can follow Santa’s progress this Christmas Eve at the Official Norad tracker You can also track him at

Thank you to everyone who made 2023 better than it could have been! I am touched and you are the best!

-Rob Kibbe


The Real Reason for the Season!

Linus Van Pelt sharing the true meaning of Christmas! Image: Peanuts’ (Charles Schultz)

Of course, the real reason for the season is the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. If the hustle and bustle of Christmas has you missing the point of it all, not to worry. Linus Van Pelt helped Charlie Brown with the same question a long time ago by reading Luke 2: 8-14 – and it’s shared in this episode as well.

If you’ve been meaning to learn more about why that’s significant, or perhaps it’s something you walked away from a long time ago, know that you can always come home….and Christmas would be a terrific time to do it! If you would like to learn about accepting Christ’s gift to you, I or anyone on our staff would love to talk to you.


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