K&F Show #222: Mr Mom and Air Fryers; Dukes of Hazzard S7E08 Review “Go West, Young Dukes”


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S7E8 of the Dukes of Hazzard. Image: Warner Bros

Dukes Review: S7E08

“Go West, Young Dukes”

K&F Show Summary:

Dukes Review: We’ve been telling you for years that The Dukes of Hazzard was a modern day Western, just with cars instead of horses. Well – this time – it’s literal. This is the episode of the Dukes in the old west (and by that we mean the South, but that’s harder to explain). If you’re a fan of the Dukes you’ll like this episode. It’s fun. If you’re in it for the car, skip it.

I really think this was yet another Season 7 metaverse episode – like the Waylon visit – where they know it’s tv, we know it’s tv, they know it’s a western, we know it’s a western, and with a wink and a nod they just did the obvious next metaverse move. Frankly, the only thing they didn’t do in this episode was paint a horse orange and put numbers on it.

Anyway, Boss Hogg inherits some stuff from his great great grandfather, including an 1872 document stating it was the deed to the Duke farm. The Dukes start packing, find a diary from their Great Great Grandmother – and she shares the tale of how the original Hogg hired Frank and Jesse James to help get the Dukes farm, only to be outwitted – and then saved – by the ancestors of Bo, Luke, and Daisy. They’re cousins too, somehow.

The episode ends with a miniature General Lee jumping a miniature grain bin that (in real scale) would have been the height of a 10 story building.

The jump is a sour end to a good episode that, again, is likely only enjoyed by Dukes fans anyway (which we are).

8 Corndogs.

Legit Episode Info

“Go West, Young Dukes”
Written by Martin Roth
Directed by Don McDougal


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