TMCP Business & Career Podcast- Episode #2 – Understanding Your Personality

Jake & Rob.

Well, our first episode about finding your passion gathered enough listeners to do a second show, so this week we discuss how to understand your personality type. This is one of those areas that is easy to overlook if you’re not careful, and it can make all of the difference in the work when it comes to success in something or epic failure. As an example, on the DISC profile I’m a high “S” (Steady). My personality profile is a type that would fail miserable at selling cars, even though I love cars as much as I love chunky peanut butter.  A good car salesman would actually be a type “D” (Dominant). My buddy Jake is a type “I” (Influencer), and his personality chart is just like mine – updside down! Also, just in case you are curious, the other personality type is a type “C” (Compliant – think of an introverted engineer for this one).

I think you’ll really enjoy this episode, and try your best to figure out what you are.  Below is a link to the personality test at in case you’d like to take it yourself. This is the same test that Jake and I took.

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-Rob & Jake

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