TMCP Business & Career Podcast- Episode #1 – Finding Your Passion

And now….for something completely different.

Jake & Rob. Definitely not our best picture.

I’ve been contacted my many of you out there that have always wanted to chase a dream with a career change, or simply change the way your current business works to make it more align with your calling, passions, talents, and the like. I’ve been able to do that with The MuscleCar Place (see my blog post titled How to Make a Living at Loving Muscle Cars). Since it seems to be such a common desire though my buddy Jake Hanson and I decided to put together a few podcast episodes to help others chase the dream as well. Jake has been very successful working with his parents in a family business, and he brings a lot to the table.

This show is all about doing the thing most people struggle with first, just identifying a passion in the first place. Hopefully we’ll help you walk through that process! We promise that these shows will be updated regularly on an infrequent basis. Feel free to e-mail in any questions/comments to

-Rob & Jake

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