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K&F Show #281: Tots 2023 Final Push! Movie Review: Christmas Chronicles – Happy, Jolly, Flying Dodge Challengers!

BIG NEWS! Our annual Toys for Tots Drive is under way! You have until December 10, 2023 to get your contribution in. After that it’ll be too late! Each year we use funds from Patreon to make as big a contribution as possible to Toys for Tots, and this year our goal is a whopping $1,500. We know it’s a lot….but you have always come through. We’re asking EACH and EVERY ONE OF YOU to join in on Patreon, even if it’s only for the month of December.

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Presented with Holley! 

Phase 3 of Kibbe and Friends is officially here, and Holley is back for more fun, foolishness, and flying orange Chargers!

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K&F Movie Summary:

Two kids who have lost their dad to tragedy are on the very edge of tragedy themselves…the tragedy of not believing! Teddy the older brother is turning to crime, and Katy the younger sister is innocent. They catch Santa in the act at their house, jump in his sleigh, scare the bejesus out of him, lose the reindeer and the presents, crash the sleigh, steal a red 2009 Dodge Challenger, jump it, end up in jail, then a chop shop, and then have to get it all back together by Christmas morning or the world explodes. Even worse, during the chaos they also lost Santa’s magic hat, which is the think that makes the sleigh fly! At the end though they make it just in time to Save Christmas and Santa finally reveals (in the coolest of Kurt Russell moves) that the hat was a ruse. As Santa Claus himself could (of course) fly the whole time and the whole crazy night was to show Teddy – who was suffering from the loss of his dad – how regain the belief in something himself, and something far bigger. If you’re only in it for the cars, the Challenger shines wonderfully. We believe Four Star Motorsports did the prep….and we THINK we have identified the Canadian stunt driver too! 



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Kibbe, Corndog, and the Bern!

National Parts Depot Presents: Bernie on the News!

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