K&F Show #145: DEEP DIVE: There were TWO General Lee’s in The Awesome 1992 Film Forever Young!



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Forever Young

’69 Hero Car

K&F Show Summary:

After the last episode, you knew it was coming. This is a full review of the 1992 Mel Gibson movie, Forever Young. This is the one where Mel is a test pilot in 1939, gets cryogenically frozen for a year to avoid the pain watching his girlfriend die in a hospital slowly, and then waked up over 50 years later to find out he was abandoned by everyone he knew and loved. Only he wasn’t…..and if you love history, romance, flying, and Chargers you’ll absolutely love this movie. The audio alone is with your time. Yes….we believe the last “Sound Stage” General Lee is the car in this movie, and yes, that’s the primary reason we reviewed it. However, this movie gets a Perfect 10 from ALL OF US for just being a great, fun, enjoyable story to watch and enjoy!

’68 Charger in Forever Young

OK….with that said, the deep dive on the Chargers in this film is somewhat exhaustive and definitely sickening. We can absolutely say FOR SURE that there were two Generals used in the movie, as documented in the episode. Remember, Warner Brothers kept the “Sound-Stage” car as well as one Hero car.  The Sound Stage car was a ’68 Charger faked to look like a ’69 (grille and taillight changes), and the Hero car was a ’69. We feel pretty certain that the ’68 was used for the bulk of the movie….except for two interior scenes.

Remember these words: DOME LIGHT.

’68 Charger


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