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Welcome to the official Kibbe and Friends Show with myself, Justin “Corndog” Cornette, and Show Producer Bernie McPartland! With this show we’re basically setting up the Boars Nets for the entire automotive media world to swing through for a couple watered down beers, stale popcorn, and fantastic waitresses. You can find every episode here on The MuscleCar Place as well as iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, and Google Play. From time to time we’ll also be posting video clips and full shows to The Kibbe and Friends YouTube channel.  If you click the “Download” link at the top of this post you’ll be able to stream it on your phone directly. You can also pull the RSS feed as well.

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Holley Fuel Injection On the General Lee!

The finished system! The OPTIMA Red Top is about the only modern giveaway under the hood. TV “Hero” cars had the blackout GM underhood treatment and a firewall cover. Warren Customs did both of those items along with the “Season 2” pushbar in 2019.

Holley is the official EFI source for Kibbe and Friends and is the PROUD sponsor of this episode! This episode features the full recap of the entire Terminator Stealth install on #KibbeLee at Cody Crafted in Burleson, TX. The system is on, it works, the car runs, nothing leaks, and we’re ready to do some fine tuning!

Full details of this system were discussed with Holley’s own Jeff Teel in Episode 356 of The MuscleCar Place, but here’s the gist of it. My goal is to create a modern day fuel injected 4L60 shifted version of the General Lee, but as close to how it appeared onscreen in the early 1980’s as possible. Using nothing but some old magazine articles, a bazillion pictures from my Co-Host Corndog, and an almost cult like desire to see it happen, here’s what Jeff helped me come up with.

Holley TerminatorStealth EFI – 550-445 on #KibbeLee! Photo by Erick Barrandey – @rolledingold on Instagram

Everything began with the need for a gold Holley atop a Weiand intake just as they used on the TV show back in the day. I saw the Terminator Stealth EFI system at SEMA and thought it was perfect for the General Lee….even before I actually had a General to put it on! The backbone of the system is the Dominator ECU – meaning control of this system if effectively limitless. Want to just plug it in and have it auto tune? You can. Want to go hog wild and install crazy induction with timing control? You can!

Install underway. It took 3 days start to finish.

Another reason I was so interested in this system is that Holley offers a transmission control option that will allow the same computer to control my new SilverSport overdrive transmission as well (which is a 4L60E). This means I’ll have a single source controlling all of the related functions that come with an electronic transmission such as throttle position, load, performance mapping, and the like. Effectively I’ll have the control that “new” cars have had since the 1990’s.

Customers can control the functions from a small touch pad which can even control shift points, shift performance, etc. The systems can even take inputs from external modules that can be added to transmissions without electronic speed outputs. Holley has many options and are happy to help customers customize their own systems or point out alternate ways to get the best results.

I am also running a few other pieces of the system from Holley that will make a full front to rear bulletproof setup such as the MSD 6-series EFI Ignition box, their Dual Sync Distributor, a Sniper EFI Fuel tank specific for a ’69 Charger (with the pump in the tank), a chrome Accel coil, blue Accel plug sires, and polished Hooker Headers! Basically, if the Duke boys popped the hood of this General they’d see a familiar looks – and approve of the performance gains too.

Listen in to this show for the full install rundown at Cody’s shop. It’s killer!

Cody Young of Cody Crafted – during install of the Holley system! Photo by Erick Barrandey – @rolledingold on Instagram


Top Gun? No sir…this is Top Fun: Days of Thunder! Image: Paramount Pictures

Movie Review – Days of Thunder!

K&F Show Summary:

Since the Daytona 500 is right around the corner we knew it was time to do what needed to be done: review Days of Thunder!

The team that brought you Top Gun, brings you Top Car – better known as Days of Thunder. Both movies feature a wildly talented but undisciplined rebel who is as awesome with driving machinery as he is with the ladies. Both feature a helmet-less motorcycle riding Tom Cruise as the lead who goes through massive success riding his own ego….until his butt can’t cash them when he gets hurt – in one case just mentally, and in the other physically. Both leave him scared to re-engage at the thing he does best…until he basically resolves it in about 20 seconds by realizing….he’d damn well better or his friends were going to die in one case, and in the other they’d just be super bummed they lost the race…and move on with life. Whatever.

Both feature a wise father figure Tom Cruise at first rejects the authority of, then later craves the leadership and approval from. Both have Val Kilmer as Iceman playing the uber talented and more successful nemesis turned friend….except in Days of Thunder it’s Michael Rooker playing Rowdy Burns, both have an amazing failure on the first try to woo the leading lady, and both have a dead goose scene…except in days of thunder it was just a bird run over by a rental car. This is the most perfect racing movie of all however, and even today still is adored by fans – and NASCAR drivers – including the current reigning NASCAR Cup Series Champion who goes by the name of Rowdy Busch…and runs number 51 on his own race cars outside of the Cup Series. This is the movie that proves to get the girls, you gotta go fast, and if you’re from California you’re not really a yankee…you’re not really from anywhere.

Legit Movie Info:

Tom Cruise
Robert Duvall
Randy Quaid
Nicole Kidman
Cary Elwes

Production Company: Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Distributed by: Paramount Pictures
Release date: June 27, 1990

Running time: 108 minutes
Budget: $60 million
Box office: $157.9 million


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