K&F Show #136: Holley Fuel Injection on General Lee’s and Finnegan’s Groundhog Day Review!




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Presented by Holley!

Holley TerminatorStealth EFI – 550-445


Jeff Teel; Holley Performance Products

Terminator Stealth Fuel Injection

NOTE: This interview review was originally published in Episode 359 of the The MuscleCar Place. The system described in this interview is EXACTLY what we are moving forward with, plus a few extra items as described after the interview. The installation will be conducted at Cody Crafted in Burleson, TX. Cody was also featured in Episode 402 of the MuscleCar Place to discuss the process. 

Our guest this week is Jeff Teel, Events and PR coordinator for Holley Performance Products. In my quest to build an accurate street drive able General Lee clone I have decided to go with fuel injection, but clothed in period accurate looks with a gold Holley atop a Weiand intake just as they used on the TV show back in the day. I saw the Terminator Stealth EFI system at SEMA and thought it was perfect for the General Lee….even before I actually had a General to put it on!

Jeff explained some of the capabilities and pointed out that Holley wanted to design it as a system that customers could grow into. The backbone of the system is the Dominator ECU – meaning control of this system if effectively limitless. Want to just plug it in and have it auto tune? You can. Want to go hog wild and install crazy induction with timing control? You can!

This is the underhood look I am trying to get to. Notice the Holley carb atop the Weiand intake, chrome headers, blue plug wires, and chrome coil.

Another reason I was so interested in this system is that Holley offers a transmission control option that will allow the same computer to control my new SilverSport overdrive transmission as well (which is a 4L60E). This means I’ll have a single source controlling all of the related functions that come with an electronic transmission such as throttle position, load, performance mapping, and the like. Effectively I’ll have the control that “new” cars have had since the 1990’s!

Customers can control the functions from a small touch pad which can even control shift points, shift performance, etc. The systems can even take inputs from external modules that can be added to transmissions without electronic speed outputs. Holley has many options and are happy to help customers customize their own systems or point out alternate ways to get the best results.

I’ll also be running a few other pieces of the system from Holley that will make a full front to rear bulletproof setup such as the MSD 6-series EFI Ignition box, their Dual Sync Distributor, a Sniper EFI Fuel tank specific for a ’69 Charger (with the pump in the tank), a chrome Accel coil, blue Accel plug sires, and polished Hooker Headers! Basically, if the Duke boys popped the hood of this General they’d see a familiar looks – and approve of the performance gains too.

You can get more information Holley fuel injection systems at Holley.com or on Facebook.com/HolleyPerformance.

Thanks for letting me check these out Jeff!
-Rob Kibbe

Popular Hot Rodding’s article on the General Lee – Circa 1982 – My inspiration.


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Don’t drive angry…don’t drive angry! Image: Groundhog Day Movie

Movie Review with Mike Finnegan:

Groundhog Day

NOTE: This movie review was originally published in Episode 58 of the K&F show. We know that. You know that. It’s like we’re living the same day over and over, right? 

K&F Show Summary:

What can we say that you don’t know already about the movie Groundhog Day? As it turns out…plenty, but mostly because it amused us to do so. This is the epic fable of the blessing – or curse – of repeating a day over and over and over again. Bill Murray stars as the Phil the weatherman from Philly, sent to cover Phil the Groundhog from Punxsutawney give his annual weather prognostication. Only for Phil the weatherman, Phil the Groundhog causes him to re-live his day in Punxsutawney over, and over, and over again. He tries to eat, drink, and kill himself every day…but it fails. Only when he starts doing acts of service and kindness do things improve. Then he finds love and gets out of the cycle, conveniently about when the movie is ready to end. It’s fantastic. There’s a Chevy C-20 that bites it at one point too. And an Eldorado drives on train tracks. 10-out-of-10 Corndogs.

Legit Movie Info:

Starring: Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell
Written by Harold Ramis, Danny Rubin
Directed by Harold Ramus
Original Release Date: 2/12/1993


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