K&F Show #127: Listener Deep Dive: How To Build a Back-To-The Future General Lee….Model!



Kibbe and Friends

Welcome to the official Kibbe and Friends Show with myself, Justin “Corndog” Cornette, and Show Producer Bernie McPartland! With this show we’re basically setting up the Boars Nets for the entire automotive media world to swing through for a couple watered down beers, stale popcorn, and fantastic waitresses. You can find every episode here on The MuscleCar Place as well as iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, and Google Play. From time to time we’ll also be posting video clips and full shows to The Kibbe and Friends YouTube channel.  If you click the “Download” link at the top of this post you’ll be able to stream it on your phone directly. You can also pull the RSS feed as well.

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Welcome Holley!

Holley TerminatorStealth EFI – 550-445

As announced – Holley has joined us as the official EFI source for Kibbe and Friends! Stay tuned for updates on the sweet sweet and authentic looking fuel injection that will soon go on #KibbeLee. Click the image above to hear Blane Burnett from Holley!


Welcome Wyotech!


If you are interested in pursuing a great education in the automotive trades be SURE to tune in to TMCP Episode 405 for a full run down on the famed school. They offer 9-month intensive programs in all of the major trades – and also have high performance tracks as well. It’s a GREAT school for those ready to make that big career leap!



Big news! Aluma Trailers has joined the TMCP Network. They are a premier manufacturer of (you guessed it) aluminum trailers, but also have trailers for every need you can think of. Snowmobiles? Yes! Riding mowers? Yes! We’ll have them on soon for a feature interview – after a FACTORY tour!


The Flying Back to the Future General Lee! Build by Cale – Cam_Racing

Feature Interview: Cale M

Friends, welcome to the episode of the show where Bernie and Rob go to SEMA and Corndog stay home to collect vintage $500 CB antennas. That means this episode is a Special Edition of the show, deserved of the highest of places in your heart and podcast player.

If you’ve heard in the news that the next generation will catastrophically doom the world to a zombie-infested mob of $18 designer coffee drinkers who will only communicate through cyberspace, prepare to have your hope in humanity restored. Why? Because we asked a 15-year-old listener to join the show to day…and his interview will help convince you that everything is going to be A-OK!

Our guest is Cale M, he is indeed 15 years old, and he just happens to be an expert model-car builder! He created a model of the General Lee that no one has ever thought to do after listening to Episode 107. That’s the one where we reviewed the movie Back to the Future…and that inspired him to create the time machine that Doc Brown should have – from the General! He’s created many many correct Roadkill inspired models (as viewable on his Instagram Page) that you’ve seen as well. If you are into building models – or would like to be – think of this as the “Fixer Upper” episode you’ve been waiting for.

And…since our BTTF review inspired Cale, for good measure we brought back that very review for the latter half of this episode.



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The future of Kibbe and Friends really is likely built around Patreon. Going forward, we know this is where we need to spend more time. Thank you SO MUCH to those of you who have joined in and also to those of you who have chosen to increase your contribution!

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