K&F Show #122: Remembering 9/11 – Dukes Review: S4E20 “Dear Diary”



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Have you ever noticed this super weird “1” before? It’s weird. Very weird.

Dukes Review: Dear Diary

We are back to a “normal” show this week and are doing what Corndog loves best: nitpicking tiny details on the General Lee in an otherwise mundane Dukes of Hazzard episode. Well, mundane is a strong word……but I can’t think of a better word that has the same meaning. He found this one scene where the “1” on the “01” of the car is super crazy. We have pictures.

Regardless, here’s what you need to know in this episode: Rosco loses his personal diary that reveals every bad thing that he and Boss Hogg have ever done. Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters (“that’s a big Twinkie”) is the bad guy. Later Bo and Luke fight but it’s only for pretend to use a wood chipper for free. The General jumps and has functional taillights. Fin.

Legit Show Info:
Season 4 – Episode 20
“Dear Diary”
Written by Don McDougall
Directed by Bruce Howard
Original Airdate: February 12, 1982

See? This one is normal.

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