K&F Show #110: KibbeLee Update with Nathan Warren and Dukes of Hazzard Review: S4E16 “Shine on Hazzard Moon”



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The coolest shot ever of Rosco’s police car jump! Sadly, this GL paid the price for the shot.

Dukes Review: Shine on Hazzard Moon

We’re not going to lie. This is not a bad episode, but this is also not an episode you’ll come back to time and time again. Daisy isn’t in distress, the General is never at risk, etc. There are a few cool jumps though and one sweet shot of a police car landing while looking out the passenger window of the General lee, but that’s it. Well, wait. Wait. Totally wait. There is a freaking huge connection to Star Trek the Next Generation in here! I forgot about that. The conman in this show is played by an actor who has been on Star Trek. That at least led to a good discussion on why the NCC-1701-D was destroyed in the first Star Trek TNG movie. In conclusion, this Dukes episode is OK. 5 Corndogs.

Legit Show Info:
Season 4 – Episode 16
“Shine on Hazzard Moon”
Written by Bruce Howard
Directed by Paul Baxley
Original Airdate: January 15 1982


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