K&F Show #103: John Schneider Feature Interview – Being Bo Duke!



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Feature Interview: John Schneider

K&F Fans…..it happened! John Schneider – Bo Duke himself – is on our show…and just a week after we had Tom Wopat on the show! It was a goal set in our very first K&F show…and it happened! We may need to set a higher bar now to hit – such as flying the General Lee to the International Space Station.

Listen in to hear how a (once) chubby kid from New York became the coolest Southernest blonde-est high-speed driver we all wanted to be. Plus, his birthday is coming up and we can all celebrate at Bo’s Extravaganza with he, Tom Wopat, Kid Rock (really), legendary General Lee jumpers Jack Gill and John Cade, and many many more! This one is also jam packed with insider Dukes stuff you’ll love.

Please visit the links below to get yourself to Bo’s Extravaganza – and be sure to be on the lookout for Justin “Corndog” Cornette when you get there!

-Rob, Corndog, and Bernie





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2 Responses

  1. Did Mike write the history section when Rob went through the dates? After hearing it in the last episode with Tom Wopat, hearing it again it almost sounds a little Finnegan-y. Either way, it was brilliantly executed, funny and well enjoyed, keep up the great work.

  2. What a great interview and Johns flag answer was awesome! I now live in the south and almost everybody down here agrees with him. Keep up the great job! We miss Mike but Corndog and Bernie are doing a great job!

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