The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #3

Click HERE to get the show in iTunes! In this week’s espisode we do a full recap of the launch of The MuscleCar Place on the 2009 Hot Rod Power Tour! Those featured and mentioned in the podcast include several great people we had the chance to meet along the way.  They are: Randy Johnson […]

Hot Rod Power Tour – Day #4 – Photo Update

As promised in the last post, here are the pictures from our final day on the Hot Rod Power Tour and an additional one from our drive home.  We weren’t able to do the entire tour this year – we turned around after the Detroit stop (the half way point) and went back home to […]

Hot Rod Power Tour – Day #4 – Short Update

Day Number 4 of the Hot Rod Power Tour is in the books, and tomorrow we head home. We woke up this morning in South Bend, IN.  Unlike the other few days we decided to skip the ‘official drivers’ meeting and sleep in a bit before heading off to the next destination on our own.  […]

Hot Rod Power Tour – Day #3

Today we completed day #3 on the Hot Rod Power Tour and are spending the evening in South Bend, IN.  We started the day (again) in the rain, but this time got smart and applied some Rain-X in the parking lot before we left – that made navigating in the rain a ton easier.  Rain-X […]

Hot Rod Power Tour – Day #2

Today the Hot Rod Power Tour brought us to beautiful (and freezing) Racine, WI.   We left Madison this morning around 9AM after goofing around in a healthy downpour.  You’d think that the rain would have detered all of the hot rodders….but it didn’t! We were ‘launched’ from Madison to Racine, which was a little over […]

Hot Rod Power Tour – Day #1

Hot Rod Power Tour Day #1 – We’re here! The drive up to Madison from Iowa was wet – really wet.  There was a lot of rain in the area all morning and afternoon, but we finally arrived in Madison at 4:30PM.  We pulled in to the gate to enter the Alliant Energy Center….and were […]

Win a 2010 Camaro on the Hot Rod Power Tour!

Muscle car fans, if you’d like to own a modern-day tire-shredding classic, have I got a deal for you….how about a FREE 2010 Camaro! As you may or may not be aware, Hot Rod magazine will be giving away a brand new 426hp 2010 Camaro SS at the end of this year’s Power Tour.  The […]

Take your muscle car on the Hot Rod Power Tour!

Muscle car fans, the day you’ve been waiting for is here.  If you’ve ever dreamed of taking your ride on a week-long road trip across the country, now is the time – go on the Hot Rod Power Tour! The Power Tour is the brainchild of Hot Rod magazine, and this is the 15th year […]