Muscle car fans, the day you’ve been waiting for is here.  If you’ve ever dreamed of taking your ride on a week-long road trip across the country, now is the time – go on the Hot Rod Power Tour!

The Power Tour is the brainchild of Hot Rod magazine, and this is the 15th year of the event.  Each year they choose a different route across the country (not the entire country mind you, but a good chunk of it).   This year’s event begins June 6 in Madison, WI and ends June 13 in Bristol, TN!

I’ve never participated in Power Tour before, but have always wanted to.  This year I finally will, and I intend to meet and interview as many muscle car junkies as possible and introduce people the what The MuscleCar Place is all about – an online resource to buy and sell muscle cars, meet other muscle car fanatics, and share resources.

I’ve recruited a high school buddy to go with me.  He meets all the criteria of taking a friend on a road trip like this:

1) He does not mind really, really loud cars

2)He does not mind riding in really, really hot cars

3) Between the two of us we should be able to fix anything that might break….I hope

Should be fun – hope to see you there!

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