Hot Rod Power Tour Day #1 – We’re here!

The drive up to Madison from Iowa was wet – really wet.  There was a lot of rain in the area all morning and afternoon, but we finally arrived in Madison at 4:30PM.  We pulled in to the gate to enter the Alliant Energy Center….and were then directed to enter via a different gate.  No problem.  We then drove to the next gate and tried to pull through to park with the other hot rods….and were redirected to the registration tent.  No problem.  We parked in the lot to register behind a famous car though, so the delay was worth it!

My buddy Aaron with the Chevelle and the General Lee!

We’ve already met and chatted with several car owners and builders – and it’s already fun!  As I type this there is someone in the parking lot of the hotel doing a burnout in a ’69 Chevy pickup.  Good stuff.

Look tomorrow for more updates!

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  1. Keep the updates coming, especially with pics of you guys with the cars in the background. I’m looking forward to hearing about sites, cars, and hopefully not many frustrations.

    I’m hoping you aren’t posing for more pictures with state troopers any time soon… at least not after being stopped for a ticket.

  2. Looking Good, keep up the hard work. Parking next to the General Lee is great marketing!

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