Muscle car fans, if you’d like to own a modern-day tire-shredding classic, have I got a deal for you….how about a FREE 2010 Camaro!

The 2010 Camaro SS prize car - photo courtesy of Hot Rod Magazine

As you may or may not be aware, Hot Rod magazine will be giving away a brand new 426hp 2010 Camaro SS at the end of this year’s Power Tour.  The Power Tour begins Saturday June 6 in Madison, WI and ends the following week in Bristol, TN (and yes, I will be going!).

The Camaro will participate in the entire tour, and some lucky person will then get to keep it once all is said and done!  It’s really a phenominal vehicle, and while GM is in bankruptcy, cars like this will likely help them walk out of it with something to be proud of.

You can register online to win the car here.  Good luck!

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