Day Number 4 of the Hot Rod Power Tour is in the books, and tomorrow we head home.

We woke up this morning in South Bend, IN.  Unlike the other few days we decided to skip the ‘official drivers’ meeting and sleep in a bit before heading off to the next destination on our own.  We took a short cut across I-80 from South Bend and ended up meeting up with the rest of the Power Tour in Tecumseh, MI at the Ididit Steering Column manufacturing plant (neat plant by the way – the town threw out the hospitality wagon and fed all hot rodders hot dogs and chips!)  We left there and made our way up to Detroit for today’s show.  Just like yesterday the weather warmed up as we approached our destination…and there were a lot more hot rods and muscle cars that had overheated and were pulled off to the side of the road.  The traffic was fairly bumper-to-bumper for the last several miles getting in to the park where the show was.

We had another day of meeting great people and some great car builders and designers.  There was a really nice coulple from western Nebraska that we met at a McDonalds that we had originally met at our first hotel in Madison – they showed us their ’68 El Camino right there in the parking lot.  Once we got to Detroit we met with the chassis guys from Swartz Performance and got the details on their G-Machine chassis.  We had shot a video of their super sweet ’65 Tempest the day before as well (look for that to be posted soon).  We also talked to Randy Johnson of D&Z Customs and got the full blown tour of his ’66 Chevelle (which uses a Swartz chassis).  It’s an absolutely incredible car, and Randy couldn’t have been nicer – he answered every question we had and then some.

We ended the day by meeting up with Aaron’s uncle, and he took us to a local brew pub for dinner.  The Red Wings are in game 6 tonight, so the place was pretty loud.  I think that I may have memorized all of the Red Wing chants/songs.

Tomorrow morning we’ll get an early start and head home.  Unfortunately, I’m not able to upload any pictures tonight from the camera – so look for an additional post tomorrow.  I will throw up one picture I took with my phone though, and it didn’t turn out all that bad!

All in all, Power Tour was a neat experience with even neater people.  It’s gearhead heaven and the best place on the planet to see some great muscle cars!

The sign said bridge out….and for just a second (however brief it may be) we thought about busting through them to see if we could jump it. Who says watching the Dukes of Hazzard was harmless?

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