As promised in the last post, here are the pictures from our final day on the Hot Rod Power Tour and an additional one from our drive home.  We weren’t able to do the entire tour this year – we turned around after the Detroit stop (the half way point) and went back home to Iowa.  I’m already planning to go again next year….but man, an overdrive is an absolute must.  After 5 days with the windows down at 85mph…..uh, I mean, after 5 days with the windows down while doing the speed limit, and the engine turning 3500 RPM, my ears are still ringing (I also managed to catch a summer cold, which is compounding my deafness).

The trip was terrific, and though I’m really glad to be home with my family, I miss the tour a little bit already.  It was also a great buddy trip to take with my pal Aaron.  This is the most we’ve been able to see each other since (maybe) high school, and it was a ton of fun.  Aaron loves old cars as much as I do and is one of the few people on the planet I trust with my quirky Chevelle – he can handle it with the best of them.  We traded off driving every day on the Power Tour and each drove half-a-leg home from Detroit.  Next year we hope to take two cars – my ’64 Chevelle and his ’66 Mustang, which at the moment is a sort of a  ’66 Rustang.

It was really glad to get to meet as many people as possible on the tour – it solidified what makes hot rodding great, and is the best place there is if you really dig muscle cars….which I obviously do.  We were able to hand out a lot of business cards and tell people about The MuscleCar Place – and I hope they visit and check out the podcast, newsletter, or just browse the cars (even if they have no need to buy or sell right now).

As promised, here are the last round of pictures.  Don’t forget – we’ll have video posted up soon with interviews of various neato-people we were able to meet, and if you haven’t signed up to win the 2010 Camaro yet, read up here and do it!

-Robert Kibbe

On our way to Detroit we stopped by The Michigan Speedway and snapped a couple of pictures. They weren’t allowing hot lap on the speedway. We checked.
Leaving the speedway.
An uber-sweet ’67 Camaro at speed on the way to Detroit.
A ’71 Challenger at speed on the way to Detroit.  Black Challenger’s are cool.
It’s hard to see it in this picture, but the guy driving this GT350 had the coolest hat and sunglasses on – a perfect fit for the Shelby.
An unfortunate (but common) site on the Power Tour. Each time we got within a few miles of our final destination the weather warmed up and traffic backed up for miles. Hopped up cars no likey slow traffic. There were always another few people pulled off to help, though.
Randy Johnson of D&Z Customs ( with his fantastic ’66 Chevelle. GM can take a few pointers from this guy.
Aaron and I on the way home. Aaron is behind the wheel. He’s actually a Ford guy. Don’t tell his Mustang he’s driving a Chevy.

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