K&F Show #173: KF Year In Review, Christmas 2020; Dukes of Hazzard S3E9 Review “The Great Santa Claus Chase”

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2020 Year In Review: Who Died, What We Did, and Bernie Finally Got Those New Bowels.

Pop Culture: Are Santa’s reindeer female? Science says “Yes.” We say…..Neigh!

Dukes Review: This is a revisit back to K&F Show #15 with Finnegan, and a “re-review” of the ONLY Dukes of Hazzard Christmas episode! This one has everything you would hope of an 1980 Christmas show….hijinks, forgiveness, Christmas hymns, flying cars, flying reindeer,  Little Charlie Dickens, and 6 Santa Clauses. It’s wonderful! 10 Corndogs.

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TMCP #416: The 2019 Christmas Show: The 11th Annual Feature Interview with Santa Claus Himself!

For a record eleventh year in a row I had the pleasure of having on the most sought after person this time of year. He makes it a point to come on this show every Christmas and marks this as his ONLY official media interview he does each year (everyone else is a fake!). Our interview was with the big man himself, the baddest sleigh driver ever, Santa Claus!

2019 was an amazing year at The Muscle Car Place with many incredible sponsors coming on the show and Santa was generous enough to acknowledge their generous sponsorship’s. He also had some interesting things to say about the new Star Wars and answered some facts about himself for our listeners. 

If you would like to hear any of Santa’s interviews from previous years, you can find them here on the website! It all started in 2009 with Episode 28, then followed annually with Episode 67, Episode 114, Episode 160, Episode 197, Episode 233, Episode 270 ,  Episode 307, Episode 343 and last Christmas in Episode 379 We even had Santa on for our gigantic bonanza Episode 300 Celebration show!

We would like help good kids find where Santa is this year with the Google Maps based Santa Tracker and Holiday calendar! Check it out!

Thank you to everyone who made 2019 such a great year and thank you Santa for another great interview!

-Rob Kibbe

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K&F Show #52: We Failed at Buying a ’69 Charger in Only 30 Minutes, Dukes of Hazzard Review: The Legacy – S3 Episode 12

Guess what? We have new Christmas duds, featuring Santa Claus behind the wheel of the fastest sleigh ever made (Generally Speaking, of course). Available in red, white, and black, these Christmas tees should fit in well at any race track as well as an ugly Christmas sweater party. We have hoodies too.  Seriously.

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Dukes Episode: Where to start. This episode is all about having a love life over the age of 60. An old flame of Jesse’s (and Boss’s) comes back to town to find the treasure left to her by her now-deceased husband. The catch? It’s moonshine – a lot of it – and Bo and Luke have to help her collect it and sell it to Boss without getting caught, else they’ll spend the rest of their lives in prison eating nuclear waste. In the grand scheme of things, not loving this episode is a truly first world problem. It’s great. It’s funny. It’s predictable. The General jumps once. Uncle Jesse meets his long lost love, reunites with her and finds true love again, only to have her leave at the end of the show and she’ll never be mentioned again. The best part is that a police car gets literally cut in half, down the middle, like a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich.

The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #67 – Santa Claus is Back!

Click HERE to download the podcast show in iTunes! Feature Segment This week’s guest is a man that needs no introduction. Many know his as Father Christmas, Old Saint Nick, Pere Noel, of something like that, but we’ll call him the name we know best, Santa Claus.  Santa was on the show last year, and […]