K&F Show #247: Our Toys For Tots 2022 Campaign! Dukes Review: “The Great Santa Clause Chase”


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Christmas in Hazzard….all is calm, and all is bright! S3E9. Image: Warrner Bros

Dukes Review – UPDATE:

S3E9 “The Great Santa Claus Chase”

K&F Show Summary:

Dukes Review: Somehow, an episode that has next to no General Lee in it…..is so endearing and charming it must be due to Christmas magic! In this episode they choose to re-enact the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. (FYI – everyone in Hollywood now does this. Bill Murray did it in Scrooged. Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds just did it too in Spirited. It’s on Apple + and is pretty good!). Not good enough? This is the tale of Scrooge Hogg stealing Christmas trees from Hazzard citizens and the Dukes stealing them back to deliver them in Santa suits. Not good enough? In a nod to childlike happiness, the bad guys in the episode also wear Santa suits….meaning there are 6 Santas at one time. When the bad guys in Santa suits get caught, Cletus calls them “Merry Men!” The Boars Nest is decorated, proving that Christmas decorations at dive bars make them extra cheery. Better yet, there are carols, hot chocolate, and this episode ends on a message of what Christmas is all about – unconditional forgiveness…..topped off by some jingle bells flying overhead by (possibly) a certain jolly old Elf.

Rating: 10 Little Debbie Christmas Cakes!

Legit Show Info:

Season 3, Episode 9
“The Great Santa Claus Chase”
Written by Martin Roth
Directed by Denver Pyle
Original Airdate: 12/19/1980


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