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TMCP #470: Pro-touring update with Larry Callahan – THE BIG EVENTS ARE ALL BACK!

Larry Callahan is back for the second quarterly Pro-Touring Update for 2021! He has the latest information directly from the pages of and he gave me an update on his tech laden, power stuffed, cutting edge, classic muscle, home projects! The big news is that the event list for 2022 is at full force; more events are back than ever!

All Episodes #30 – SPECIAL EDITION SHOW – Live from SEMA 2012!

In this special edition episode Larry Callahan and I changed things up and recorded our latest show….live from the SEMA 2012 Show floor! Guests included Pro-Touring superstars like Scott Bowers (Ron Francis Wiring), Martin Van Werlee (the first member of OUTSIDE of the U.S) and Cole Quinnell and Robert McGaffin!

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