#30 – SPECIAL EDITION SHOW – Live from SEMA 2012!

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In this special edition episode Larry Callahan and I changed things up and recorded our latest show….live from the SEMA 2012 Show floor! We featured several pro-touring guests from the show including:

-Scott Bowers (Ron Francis Wiring)

-Martin Van Werlee (the first member of OUTSIDE of the U.S)

-Cole Quinnell and Robert McGaffin (recounting their 3000+ mile drive to the SEMA Show in Cole’s ’66 Chevelle)

In the next episode we’ll be back to our regular format…..but for this week, enjoy the change-up!

-Robert Kibbe

Rob with Scott Bowers from Ron Francis Wiring
Kool and the Gang? Left to Right: Larry Callahan, Cole Quinnell, Robert McGaffin, Rob Kibbe
Martin Van Werlee - from the Netherlands!

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