TMCP #515: Live from Roadkill Nights 2022: Special Feature – Jeff Gale Dodge Chief Interior Designer, Justin Chizek Dodge Brand Manager, Kyumin Oh Durango Brand Manager, Herman Young Demonology

Live from Roadkill Nights:

Jeff Gale – Dodge Chief Interior Designer

Kyu-min Oh – Dodge Durango Brand Manager

Justin Chizek – Brand Manager Dodge Charger

Herman Young – YouTube’s Demonology 

“Non-stock” Dodge Durango

Roadkill Nights is an event held once a year and was inspired by two completely different forms of entertainment colliding, namely the internet sensation duo of the Motor Trend show David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan combined with the internationally famous automotive event known as the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Dodge stepped in to take charge as the manufacturer DEDICATED to fun and performance and is not just the presenting sponsor, but the company producing the most customer requested performance vehicles ever. Where others are ending the “halo” car ride, Dodge is going all in. The event is now considered by some to be the greatest Roadkill event ever. Listen in for our four feature interviews!

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT dash details

Jeff Gale: Chief Interior Designer at Dodge is also a returning guest. Jeff was on Episode 476 from last years Roadkill  Nights and I wanted to make sure and catch up with him again. Jeff was able to give me the low down on the upcoming interior packages for 2022/2023.

First, the Jailbreak Package. “Jailbreak” really hearkens back to the 60’s and 70’s when you could order almost anything you wanted right at the dealership. It is now once again possible to special order a one of one combo car from Dodge! He also spoke about some in depth choices that you could make to really make a car your own expression.

Little did I know though was that Jeff was keeping secrets that were later revealed on Wednesday night at the Dodge Charger Daytona Electric reveal. The interior was fantastic and I mentioned to him that it was great to see all of the cues from the 60’s Charger showing up in this one. He got a twinkle in his eye when I said this and asked if I had noticed the dash. The details went right down to duplicating 1970 Charger dash material and stitching! You can follow Jeff’s instagram @Black70RR and see what he is up to with his moonshine running Roadrunner.

Kyu-min Oh: Brand Manager for the Dodge Durango. Jyu-min spoke to me track side between full on race passes. It is easy to catch his passion for the Durango platform and start to look at the vehicle in a different way. He talked about the muscular styling of the vehicle and how it is more muscle car and “power truck” than any mini-van or car based suv. The Durango is being offered with power options exceeding 700 horsepower and is plenty capable of yanking the trailer right out from under your boat. As Kyu-min said, he would not be caught in a mini-van after experiencing the muscle of a Durango SRT. This is the muscle car you graduate to when you find the need for more room for family and life!

Justin Chizek: Brand Manger for the Dodge Charger and a widebody enthusiast.  The Dodge Charger widebody package came out a couple years ago and I spoke to Kevin Hellman about it back then at Roadkill Nights 2019. Justin said people can not get enough of it and it has been a sales leader ever since its introduction. Not only does it look great but it greatly improves the handling and also the ride. He also mentioned the fact that you can only get SRT packages in the widebody configuration now.

Herman Young: Is a drag racer and YouTube sensation at the channel Demonology. He is most famous for drag  racing a 2017 Dodge Demon and “racing for people souls”. It is all in fun and he has a lot of knowledge to go with his racing style that he was able to share in this interview. For example, what is the traction difference between four link and independent rear suspensions? How about the rolling resistance between radials and bias plys? He goes into all of that as well as a pre race review of Alex Taylor’s racing style and what happened in the previous year. You can tell he does his homework and thinks about how to go faster all of the time. You can follow Herman at

Thanks everyone at Dodge for a great live experience and the special access to get our listeners the best information straight from the source! You can learn more at

-Rob Kibbe & Scott Stap

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