K&F Show #01: Our Review of High Octane – S1 Episode 5 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

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K&F Show’s new Kick Ass Logo – Episode 01

Welcome to Episode #01 of the Kibbe and Finnegan show! For those that have regularly listened to The MuscleCar Place, you’ll know that this new show has been a long time in the making.

Mike and I decided it was time to take our fanboy “DukesCast” shows to a full fledged and free-standing simul-casted Podcast and YouTube show on it’s own….meaning there’s now time for more laughing, more strangely entertaining Finnegan automotive tangents, and more time for reviewing our favorite show of all time: The Dukes of Hazzard! At some point we’ll even add in live show streaming – so get ready for pure awesome – and try not to get busted at work while watching/listening.  In this first new show we tackled Episode 5 from Season 1 of the Dukes (we already covered Episodes 1-4 back on The MuscleCar Place), recorded in the Finnegan’s Garage ManCave.

Look for this show to publish twice monthly here, in iTunes, and on Finnegan’s YouTube channel! Have a question for the show?  Just hit is up:

Finnegan Twitter: @Finnegan999

Kibbe E-mail: robert@themusclecarplace.com


-Rob Kibbe


The DREAM Board Update: (Goals to Accomplish Before Episode 200)

1. Get Diet Coke to Sponsor us….or just Kibbe.
2. Be characters in the Disney/Pixar movie, Cars 3. Finnegan is the General. Kibbe…is wishing he was the General.
3. Syndicate the show onto TV and radio, having awesome guests in studio, with Dale Earnhardt Jr. on regularly to be our best friend.


The General in tail down flight during the opening episode of “High Octane.” Image: Warner Bros

Dukes of Hazzard Episode 5 Review: High Octane

Legit Show Info:

Original Airdate: Feb 23, 1979
Story by William Keys
Teleplay by William Keys and William Kelley
Directed by Don McDougall

Interesting Notes:

–In this show we learn Bo and Luke’s actual full names
–This is the final episode of the original 5 shows shot on location in Conyers, Georgia
–By this point in the series 1968 Chargers are playing the part of the General Lee (a 1969 Dodge Charger) by using 1969 tail lights and grille center sections.

K&F Show Summary:

Bo, Luke, Uncle Jesse, and Cooter all resume making moonshine to enter it into a “clean-alternative-fuel” contest as a replacement for gasoline. Boss tries to catch them in the act to put them in prison, then steal the moonshine plan and recipe for himself. The Dukes succeed in making the moonshine, despite being pursued by a Federal Revenuer agent that looks shockingly like what we think Danica Patick’s mother must look like. The Dukes (sort-of) win the contest, only to re-enter moonshine retirement and leave Boss holding the bag. Zany hijinks ensue.

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