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Episode 22

Welcome to Episode #22 of the Kibbe and Finnegan show! If you’re new to the show, Mike Finnegan and I have taken our Dukes of Hazzard fandom and turned it into a full fledged automotive podcast Gong Show of sorts, completed with a full episode review from The Dukes of Hazzard. It’s every 40-year-old’s dream, right?






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-Rob Kibbe


Job Opening: Stunt driver need for one-time-only job. Pays great. May experience future spinal cord issues. Dodge Charger will be provided. Image: Warner Bros.

Dukes of Hazzard S2 E11: People’s Choice

K&F Show Summary:

A long lost formerly gawky but now super-hot friend of the Dukes returns to Hazzard to run against Boss Hogg as the “Supervisory Administrator” of Hazzard. Why? Because her father was cheated out of the job in the past by Boss Hogg. Really though, who cares because we just need an excuse to get the General Lee into the air. Anyway, in this landmark episode Boss Hogg realizes that the job of Supervisory Administrator includes being the Dukes probation officer, something he didn’t even realize he was (nor did they). The Dukes commit an FCC violation helping the gawky-but-now-hotty chick run her campaign. She wins and will never be mentioned again throughout the remainder of the TV series. Luckily for her she’ll go on in life to star on the Love Boat. Hijinks ensue.


Legit Show Info:

Season 2 – Episode 11 “People’s Choice”
Airdate: 11/30/79
Written byBruce Howard
Directed by Allen Baron

Interesting Tidbits:

–Boss realizes in this episode – that he is Bo & Luke’s County Probation officer!

–Guest star was Pat Klous who played T.C. Rogers. She is thrice divorced, a former fashion model, and is best known as cruise director Judy McCoy on the Love Boat. Her first TV role was on the series Flying High though, which followed the lives of three sexy flight attendants working for the fictional Sun West Airlines in Los Angeles.

–Cooter is now back. With a beard. No mention of BB. Ever again.

–Fun Trivia: What major motion picture filmed the same time as this episode of the Dukes of Hazzard – and like this episode – featured a Mopar star car with a PA speaker system mounted on the roof? The Blues Brothers!

— Charger Whisperer: At the 31:10 mark we see the General’s radio. It’s an AM 5 pushbutton Chrysler thumbwheel. This was a non A/C car as well – no A/C vents and no A/C controls.

–Cooters truck turns from a Chevy into a Ford at one point.

–At the 40:22 mark when Bo and Luke come out of the courthouse to jump into the General…I noticed that Bo was jumping in weird. Schneider swings his legs up from the back side of the car – and this guy didn’t. It was stunt man Al Wyatt! The man who made the General drive like the General.

–At the end – when TC’s husband gets off the bus with their kid – that’s the bartender from the Boars nest.


Corndog’s Super Insider Analysis:

–I do not have much behind-the-scenes type information for this episode. There were not many General Lee’s used throughout the filming of this episode. If I’m not mistaken, the General Lee jump at 14:30 was recycled footage. The main car used for the closeup shots was a ’68. This is the same car that has been seen in previous episodes. It does not have an interior rear view mirror and is missing the windshield wiper arms. The car that is jumped at 28:57 (where the speakers fall off the roof) was a 1969 model car. We see Daisy’s Plymouth only for the opening scene of this episode, and that is it. By this point, I believe they were getting short-handed on the Plymouths. Robert – the sound stage car was also a 69 with painted wiper nubs.

– 18:00 – Enos sings “The Busy Bee Cafe Corndog”. dunno why, but I thought that was funny.

– 32:28 – I thought this was interesting… Emery Potter is working the poll for the election and Mabel reminds him that they are supposed to get married as soon as the polls close. Earlier in the episode, when they had to postpone the wedding, the preacher said his next available time to marry them was on a Thursday. So the election was on a Thursday instead of a Tuesday. I didn’t know if you knew this but, back when people had to travel by horse and buggy, Sunday was for worship… then they would need a day to travel to the county seat, a day to vote and travel back home from the county seat. Farmers had Market on Wednesday… so Tuesday became the official day to vote.

– 36:06 – The two guys that were hired to swap out the ballots are driving a 1967 Dodge Coronet.

– 40:22 – When Bo and Luke return to the General Lee after delivering the ballot box, you can see a little black “GL” label in the lower corner of the windshield.

– 40:46 – When Bo and Luke jump on the back of Cooter’s flatbed truck and climb into the cam, this is clearly the actors and not stunt doubles. Cooter’s truck was being pulled by a camera truck… so yes, they did the stunt, but they didn’t really have to worry about driving the truck at the same time.

– 45:20 – Bo is driving the flatbed truck with Luke, the preacher, Emery, and Mabel in the back. If you watch, when John Schneider stabs the brakes, Tom Wopat almost does a face-plant into the roof of the cab.


Dream Board Update: Goals to Accomplish Before Episode 200

Coca Cola Corporation take note. This is how awesome sponsoring our show would be. Even when driving Ferrari F-430 race prepped track cars Kibbe can only think about how refreshing a Diet Coke would be.

1. Get Diet Coke to Sponsor us….or just Kibbe.

2. Be characters in the Disney/Pixar movie, Cars 3. Finnegan is the General. Kibbe…is wishing he was the General.

3. Syndicate the show onto TV and radio, having awesome guests in studio, with Dale Earnhardt Jr. on regularly to be our best friend.

4. Get John Schneider himself on the show with us. Pray to God he actually likes us and isn’t freaked out.

5. Blow up the podcast so that it becomes a regular weekly show, interviewing celebrities, and actually providing a living for us capable of allowing us to race cars anytime we want plus let our wives get the shoes they like.

6. Get our own studio.

7. We each get a General Lee (real car – not a toy).

8. Get a Voiceover Guy to announce the segments.

9. Jump a car together. Kibbe wants to go 30-feet vertical.

10. Make a Dream GL that is based off of a 1973 NASCAR Charger (like the 1/16th scale AMT model)

11. Kibbe needs a new wallet to replace his “George Costanza”.

12. Mike to get a new truck for legit towing. DONE!


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