K&F Show #208: End of the Hellcat; Dukes of Hazzard S6E21 Review “The Fortune Tellers”


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Check out the really odd taillight conversion on this ’68 Charger! S6E21. Image: Warner Bros

Dukes Review: S6E21 “The Fortune Tellers”

K&F Show Summary:

Dukes Review: We’re not going to lie, Season 6 is nearly to a close and it’s starting to get weird. There’s a fake fortune teller played by the lady from Policy Academy. There’s a little person (and they actually don’t say “midget,” thankfully). Also, Bo’s not in this episode. There’s also a 68 Charger with a REALLY terrible 69 taillight conversion. This friends, is a really odd episode with tons of sub plots, a Dodge van, and no new General Lee jumps. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Corndog’s book had a ton of details on this episode and we added a lot to our list!

Legit Episode Info
Season 6 Episode 21
“The Fortune Tellers”
Written by Si Rose
Directed by Paul Baxley
Original Airdate: 3/23/1984


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It has nothing to do with cars at all….but the process of bringing a product (and business) to market is something we all need to know about.

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