K&F Show #143: COVID-19 Short Show Series: Dukes of Hazzard S5E4 Review “Coy Meets Girl”



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Hero GL – usually stationed on the Warner Brothers back lot.

Dukes Review: S5E3 “Lawman of the Year”

K&F Show Summary:

This is the 4th Coy and Vance episode. Maybe I’m getting soft on things to hate due to the COVID-19 pandemic….but this episode is not that bad. Sorrell Booke holds up – and later eats – a freaking huge lobster. That’s right, a lobster. That’s good. Daisy’s exit of a Jeep is worth seeing. We get great shots of both “Hero” General Lee’s as well. The lobster bit makes the show though.

Legit Episode Info:
Season 5 Episode 4 “Coy Meets Girl”
Direct By James Sheldon
Written by Martin Roth
Lighting Technician James Kibbe
Original Airdate 10/19/82

James Best and Sorrell Booke in The Dukes of Hazzard: S5E4


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