K&F Show #125: Corndog Cruises the Coast – Dukes Review: S4E22 “Birds Gotta Fly”



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If you are interested in pursuing a great education in the automotive trades be SURE to tune in to TMCP Episode 405 for a full run down on the famed school. They offer 9-month intensive programs in all of the major trades – and also have high performance tracks as well. It’s a GREAT school for those ready to make that big career leap!



Big news! Aluma Trailers has joined the TMCP Network. They are a premier manufacturer of (you guessed it) aluminum trailers, but also have trailers for every need you can think of. Snowmobiles? Yes! Riding mowers? Yes! We’ll have them on soon for a feature interview – after a FACTORY tour!


Dukes of Hazzard Season 4. Image: Warner Bros

Dukes Review: Birds Gotta Fly

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would let you watch the Dukes because it was super “safe” for kids? This is that era of safeness as the previous seasons tales of shenanigans with prostitutes and a gang of lady thieves that shower in the woods together are long gone. Believe it or not….now that we’re reviewing these in 2019 it’s very apparent that the Dukes were actually progressive. This is the episode that proves it! Daisy gets offered the chance to drive in NASCAR by a former top driver named Molly Hargrove. The Dukes all know her for being a famous driver first and foremost and only barely realize she’s also woman. That’s good. The remainder of the episode is full of cheesiness that gets a little tiring, but with Stunt Director Paul Baxley at the helm there are plenty of great and awesome stunts to enjoy. Luke jumps onto another car. The General smashes another car and is then fine. Rosco’s hat flies off. Prostitutes are nowhere to be seen. 6.9 Corndogs.

Legit Show Info:
Season 4 – Episode 22
“Birds Gotta Fly”
Written by William Raynor and Myles Wilder
Directed by Paul Baxley
Original Airdate: February 28, 1982


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