TMCP #351: A $10,000 Sponsorship Fastlane Success Story with Garrett Daniels of G-Force Offroad and Racing Fabrication; Larry Callahan and the Pro-Touring Update

This episode of TMCP is a special one – a $10,000 Sponsorship Fastlane success story from Garrett Daniels! In fact, as a result of it (and with Garrett’s encouragement) I’ve reopened the Sponsorship Fastlane course until April 17, 2018. Visit to sign up.

In this interview you’ll hear Garrett Daniels of G-Force Offroad and Racing Fabrication share his experience with the Sponsorship Fastlane course and how it helped him launch his dream business: G-Force Offroad and Racing Fabrication LLC. You’ll hear ever detail of what it took to achieve his success…and also learn of HOW MUCH EFFORT it took to get there. This is as honest and true as it gets. I love it!

TMCP #331a: Sponsorship Fastlane Preview: Instagram Lessons from Mike Finnegan!

As I’ve mentioned in the last few shows, I’ve decided to bring back Sponsorship Fastlane and open it up for a week! It will open on Monday August 28 and close on Friday September 1. I’m happy to say that this new edition features the same great content, with one big addition: Instagram lessons from Mike Finnegan! In this short podcast show I included a little clip of it.