TMCP #351: A $10,000 Sponsorship Fastlane Success Story with Garrett Daniels of G-Force Offroad and Racing Fabrication; Larry Callahan and the Pro-Touring Update

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Garrett Daniels
A $10,000 Sponsorship Fastlane Success Story!

Willys Overlander by G-Force Offroad and Racing Fabrication
Willys custom front bumper G-Force Fabrication

In this episode of TMCP our feature guest is Garrett Daniels, owner and operator of G-Force Off Road and Racing Fabrication in Crittenden, Kentucky. He is also a committed and hard worker…as well as a very happy Sponsorship Fastlane customer. In fact, he credits it with helping him to gain $10,000 worth of parts and labor to launch his business!

Garrett’s life changed when his friend showed him the Sponsorship Fastlane course and he decided to give it a try to see if it could really help him to get his dream business off of the ground. He’s a talented and certified welder which is certainly a desirable and honorable profession, but Garrett wanted to create and build his own designs. He began by making some light mounts for his Jeep and people started asking him to make more and sell them. Now he makes roll cages, frame fabrications, and more in his new business G-Force Off Road and Racing Fabrication LLC.

Sponsorship Fastlane gave Garrett the road map to getting sponsorships but he admits that it did not just fall in his lap. There is a lot of work in getting sponsors on board with a project, including business writing skills, social media, and some good ole door knocking. Garrett even took college 300 and 400 level classes for business just to write the letters to 60 different companies. Garrett reached out to me to tell me what an impact the course made on his life and is helping to bring his dream Jeep to life.

You can see more about Garrett and information on G-Force Off Road and Racing Fabrication on Facebook at  or on You can also see the Willys on one of Garrett’s sponsors sites at

Sponsorship Fastlane is open now but only for a limited time. Cost of the course is just $139.00. Check it out at!

Thanks the great interview Garrett!
-Rob Kibbe

p.s Check out Scott Lewis Photos for some amazing automotive photography. I shared this in the show – but he sent me his latest coffee table book. It’s fantastic!


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The Update
with Larry Callahan!

Larry’s pile of stuff for the ’55 Birthday: turned 18 years old on March 10th. Many great things have happened over the years to make the site one of the oldest and most influential on the net. Here’s to the future and see you all at the 18th anniversary Pro-Touring dinner during SEMA 2018.

Larry’s Latest Camera update: Larry’s new tracking camera system will be up and operation for the first Optima event of 2018 in Las Vegas.

Rob Kibbe’s Dodge Charger update: There are suspension upgrades in the works but you will have to wait until the next PT update to hear about them. Teaser to keep you coming back!

Larry’s ’55 update: Larry has a pile of new parts he is trying to fit under the hood of the ’55. Looks like a bigger shoehorn is needed here.

As always Autocross and Pro-Touring events are featured at

We’re proud to say that this segment is sponsored by the fantastic muscle car and hot rod wiring supply company, Ron Francis Wiring, and we’re very appreciative that they are our show sponsor!

Thanks, Ron Francis!


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