TMCP #212A: Sponsorship Fastlane Is Finally Here….and the Chevelle Will Be Soon!

The Chevelle as of May 20: Lots of wiring work is done….but lots more to go!

I thought I would put out a little bonus (i.e. “short”) podcast segment this week to give a little status update on the Chevelle, and also my new course Sponsorship Fastlane. If you’ve been following the Chevelle saga at all you know that at the time it went to SEMA it was show presentable….but not yet drivable. I spent the week in New Mexico at Allison Customs with the hopes of getting the car running and ready to bring home, and this show recording was made just before my trip out there. We didn’t quite get everything buttoned up for it unfortunately (despite a week worth of 16-20 hour days), so I’ll return in a few weeks to try again. It turns out there was more “SEMA Ready” stuff on the car than we realized. More on that soon!

Bringing the Chevelle to fruition has been a whirlwind of miracles and effort, but without significant sponsorship (and a commitment to complete the car) it never would have made it this far. The bottom line is that the financial reality of the racing and custom car world is completely upside down – more times than not, the assembled car is worth less than the parts and labor that built it. My use of sponsorship was something I had to do – and I realized that once I took sponsorship, I had to follow through and get the car done and to SEMA, no matter what.


As a result of that whole experience, I’ve created a new online course called Sponsorship Fastlane where I’ll be teaching the techniques I used to go about it, and my hope is to help others learn from my mistakes and go about it more efficiently than I did. I won’t snow you here – gaining sponsorship takes time – but it can be done, as long as you’re committed to delivering on your promises. You can check out more about the course via SPONSORSHIPFASTLANE.COM!


Big news! As I shared in the new podcast update, if you have found this post I wanted to let you know that I have placed a FREE LESSON Preview of Sponsorship Fastlane here for you: My hope is that this update will give you a solid understanding of what the course is all about as well as how it works, and how it can work for you. Feel free to share it with others as you see fit.

Thanks for reading, listening, and supporting!

-Rob K


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