TMCP #331a: Sponsorship Fastlane Preview: Instagram Lessons from Mike Finnegan!

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Sponsorship Fastlane Preview:

Instagram Lessons from Mike Finnegan!

Need lessons on posting to engaging content to Instagram? Learn from the master!


As I’ve mentioned in the last few shows, I’ve decided to bring back Sponsorship Fastlane and open it up for a week! It will open on Monday August 28 and close on Friday September 1. I’m happy to say that this new edition features the same great content, with one big addition: Instagram lessons from Mike Finnegan! In this short podcast show I included a little clip of it. A video segment is below as well.

For those that are new to the fray, Sponsorship Fastlane is an video based online course that I created following the experience of bringing my ’64 Chevelle from just the thing in my garage that I loved to being the cornerstone of my business – leading it all the way into being a featured SEMA car and Super Chevy magazine cover car. I didn’t do it on my own – AT ALL – and learning the process of gaining sponsorship relationships was something I was constantly answering for people who wanted to follow the same process for themselves. Thus – I created the course!

I haven’t had the course publicly open for over 2 1/2 years now, primarily because I wanted to keep it exclusive….and (if I’m honest) avoid the massive amount of back-end work that goes along with running it. Plus, it was missing something that I knew needed to be added in to make it even more jam packed: utilizing Instagram. So, I decided to ask the best Instagram user I know in the automotive world if he’s be willing to address it in the course – and he said yes!

Long story short, if you have any business intent in building a project car, race car, SEMA car, show truck, etc., I think you’ll get a lot of value from this course. Just visit to learn more and to get signed up for more information.

To your success!

-Rob Kibbe


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