TMCP #529: Ask Rick – New Year 2023! Ken Block Memories, Pickup Truck Restoration Market Growth, Return on Investment Cars

Happy New Year and welcome to 2023! It is once again time to talk with Rick about the burning questions of New Year’s goals, blue chip muscle cars, and the best the restoration market will continue to grow (likely trucks). Unfortunately, as most of you have likely already heard, the death of Ken Block is where the initial focus of this episode is dedicated. Ken left a legacy in our work akin to Dale Earnhardt in some way, and he defined the pursuit of passion. He had two entirely different careers in founding DC Shoes and Hoonigan, and he is one person who will always leave an impression on all of us who are following in his footsteps. In the end though, he was a man who had a wife and three children, all of whom are now without him. Our sincere condolences and prayers go out to all of them.

TMCP #494: Ask Rick – Valentine’s Day, Next Gen Mustang, Let’s Make a Deal on a Classic Car

Love is in the air and Valentines day is upon us. This time on Ask Rick, we dive into a subject we love …. and that is (potentially) buying more old gasoline powered classic cars. Rick recently attended the Kissimmee Mecum auction with good intentions of bidding on a few examples. He remarked that the prices were huge and the numbers blew right past what he planned on and kept skyrocketing. In previous episodes Rick said he believes that gas powered collectible cars will go up in value as new options start to dwindle being replaced by silent electric offerings.

TMCP #488: Ask Rick, Unrestored Originals vs Full Boat Restorations; SEMA Special #4 -Paul Lee, McLeod Buys SilverSport -Joe Rock, Retro Manufacturing, New Tech Radios in Old Classic Styling

It is the first week of December and the Holiday Season is HERE! It is also time for another great Ask Rick segment! This time he answers the question of which to pursue as a purchase, a great restoration or a well preserved survivor car. 

SEMA Bonus: McLeod Clutches acquires Silversport Transmissions, Retro Radios put the vintage back into to modern digital radios (and even the boxes)!