TMCP #491: Setting Big Achievable Goals for 2022; Ask Rick – His Approach for Restoring (or Buying) Cars in the 2020’s!


Rick Schmidt:

1970 455 HO 4-speed Grand Prix at the 2021 MCACN

Happy New Year! It is time to start the year with another great Ask Rick with another thought provoking question, “Would you do a complete restoration on a car you really want or wait until you find a great survivor?” Rick as always, replied with a well thought out answer right off the cuff.

He said only in the case of the vehicle being a very specific car would he think about doing a restoration to obtain an example. One instance he noted was a car that his dad absolutely had to have. It was a model that his mom (Rick’s grandmother) had owned and he wanted one very much. This was not a popular model so the only way they would get one, is to buy what they could find, right out of a barn. In he end, Rick said it was probably the only car of it’s kind restored to concurs level quality. He pointed out that this is a rare case and most of the time he would just find a great survivor car or buy someone else’s restoration.

It takes a lot of time and money to do a car right and the effort can results in a loss at sale time for the person paying for the project. That said, the act of restoring a car is (as we all know) often never “about the money” first and foremost. It’s about the process, the enjoyment, and the achievement of completing it. Most of us restore cars without the intent to ever sell them – at least not anytime soon. Rick understands this well and can relate. He does love to see restored examples of car that used to be very abundant but are now almost extinct such as the Chevette Diesel, or maybe a Gremlin or Pacer.  It’s not always about the money!

We did recap Rick’s trip to the MCACN Show (Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals) in Rosemont, IL (Chicago area), that he attended this past November. This was his first time to the event and it left a lasting impression. He even went so far as to say it is a “great world class show” with some amazing cars and he plans to attend again in the future. In fact, there was one rare car there in particular that caught his eye….and we’ll find out next month what happens with it next!

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Thanks Rick!

-Rob Kibbe

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