TMCP #517: Mike Finnegan Returns – Behind the Scenes of Cleetus McFarland’s Bristol 1000!

This week marks the return of friend and listener favorite Mike Finnegan! Mike is an all around great dude, loved in the automotive entertainment industry, and was the original co-host of the Kibbe and Finnegan Podcast Show (which became Kibbe and Friends in 2019). This week marks the end of the second phase of our sister show “The Kibbe and Friends Show” where we reviewed the final episode of all 7 seasons of The Dukes of Hazzard. Since Mike helped it all begin, I asked him on to celebrate hitting the big milestone. (Kibbe and Friends isn’t going away however, now we get to go back and hit all of the early episodes that Corndog loved most….and maybe build a few more Dukes stunt cars!)

K&F Show #45: Uncle Boss – S3 Episode 6 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

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Dukes Review: Remember Huey Hogg, Boss Hogg’s nephew that filled in for Rosco in Season 2 while he was “at the police academy” (i.e. when James Best was in a contract dispute)? Good memory. He’s back now, only he’s dressed exactly like Boss Hogg and he drives a white VW Bug convertible with steer horns on it. I know. It was the 80’s. They don’t do great hamball stuff like that anymore. Anyway, Boss brings in Huey to frame the Dukes once and for all, because Rosco has always failed at doing so. Huey tries, Huey fails, the cycle repeats, and Daisy has to get a prison photo taken. And the VW ends up hanging from a giant magnet with Boss Hogg in it. Also – for no explained reason – this episode was shot in Season 2 but only aired now (Enos is back, as is Daisy’s Plymouth Road Runner). Hijinks ensue.  

K&F Show #43: The Late JD Hogg – S3 Episode 5 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

Due to a hilarious medical error, Boss Hogg thinks he’s dying. He immediately realizes he’s done a ton of greedy evil things in his life, and tries to buy his way into heaven by doing “good deeds” while he can in order to avoid going to Hell. He obviously can’t do that, but it makes for good TV fun. He gives the Dukes their farm, the orphans their orphanage, and the Little League their own…league? Doesn’t matter. The shenanigans really get rolling when he finds out it was all a mistake. And there are bad guys in this one too that should be central to the story, but they really aren’t. The highlight is the cameo by Mr. Belding from “Saved By the Bell”. Solid Hijinks ensue.

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K&F Show #42: In This Corner, Luke Duke – S3 Episode 4 of The Dukes of Hazzard!….and Meet our First Advertiser Ever, Bombfell!

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Dukes Review: This show has a perfect plot. It starts out with an awesome General Lee jump, and ends with the most epic one ever…with the General going through the ROOF of a second story barn, trapping the bad guys, hurting nary a soul, and bringing the Dukes Boys back to safety. Everything that happens in between is mostly filler. So, here’s the filler: Luke gets blackmailed into boxing a legit fighter in order to pay off a debt to Boss that (if unpaid) will cost the Dukes the farm. Again. Luke doesn’t want to do it, because his was so awesome at boxing in the Marines that he nearly killed someone with his awesomeness. Uncle Jesse tells him to get himself together and either to quit or fight. Luke wins, his alter ego somehow ends up dates the ring girl of the fight, humanity is saved, and the General jumps. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #16: Road Pirates – S2 Episode 5 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

Hazzard County is plagued by a rash of semi-truck hijackings. To do their civic duty the Dukes modify Cletus’ patrol car with a shot of nitrous oxide in order to give him a speed advantage on the crooks. At some point Boss Hogg gets involved to profit from the thefts, only to be (shockingly) double crossed by the crooks. Even zanier is that he believes that Cletus – working with the Dukes – were the ones to steal from him. Cletus is called stupid by everyone (even Waylon Jennings). Daisy poses on top of – and underneath – her car for passing by truck drivers. The General Lee jumps. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #15: The Great Santa Claus Chase – S3 Episode 9 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

So, you may have noticed that we’re reviewing this episode out of order. We had to. It’s Christmas time and through the entire 7-season run of the Dukes of Hazzard they only made one Christmas show. If it helps, we also covered Die Hard (a great Christmas movie) in this podcast too.

In this episode: the Dukes save Christmas by stealing a truckload of Christmas trees back from Boss Hogg (that he initially stole from them) and deliver them to the good people of Hazzard, all on Christmas Eve. To keep Boss and the real bad guys confused, Bo, Luke, and Cooter all dress as Santa Claus and deliver trees using identical Ford long bed trucks all going in different directions with as much zaniness as possible. To add to the mix, the 3 crooks are also dressed as St. Nick making for a total of 6 wacky Santas. After the crooks are foiled Boss and Rosco spend Christmas Eve sharing gifts and singing carols with the Dukes. The General jumps a loaded car carrier. Santa Claus is heard doing a low fly-by over the farm. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #10: Days of Shine and Roses – S2 Episode 1 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

Boss Hogg and Uncle Jesse get into a tiff trying to decide who was the better moonshine driver back in the day. To resolve their feud they decide to have a moonshine running race against each other, to settle to skirmish once-and-for-all. As expected though, Boss Hogg wants to ensure he’ll win so he goes out of his way to cheat, lie, and sabotage Jesse’s car. It doesn’t work. Jesse wins and the Dukes prevail despite the odds, an angry neighbor-county Sheriff with a penchant for stabbing thins with a railroad spike chases them, the racers drink beer before racing, engines scream, and cowboy-boot wearing stunt guys jump onto moving cars with reckless abandon. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #09: Sting, Double-Sting – S1 Episode 13 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

A band of criminals come to Hazzard to rob the bank, led by two guys that dress (and look) just like Laurel and Hardy…and that drive an RV for some reason. Their third partner fakes “the plague” which magically traps Bosco, Rosco, Enos, and The Dukes all in jail, allowing the crooks to rob the bank and get away easily. Daisy tracks them down, Cooter helps, and the General rips up the countryside followed by his most epic jump ever. All problems are solved, but Boss ends up owning the Dukes mortgage, setting up the plot for the next 6 years of shows. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #08: Route 7/11 – S1 Episode 12 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

An out of town crime-boss lady named Helen Hogan comes to Hazzard with a “rolling casino,” a semi-truck with a full blown casino in the trailer. Bo & Luke take a job for her as drivers to gain money to repair the General Lee, not knowing she’s a crook. Boss Hogg realizes what they’ve done and hopes to cash in on the casino action while simultaneously putting the Dukes behind bars. An old friend of Jesse’s gets swindled by the evil casino, thus forcing the Dukes to illegally right a moral wrong. Cooter drives the General. Hijinks ensue.