TMCP #565: Rides By Engel – The Yoda to to Building, Marketing, Operating a Profitable Production Car Business!

This week I have the pleasure to talk to long time friend of the show, Jason Engel. At SEMA 2023 I learned that Jason had entered the consulting business and was also he representative to vet licensure requirements for Shelby!

What was he consulting in, specifically? Well….consulting in the entire process of owning, operating, producing, marketing, and leading a production car business where the production car is unique to the business itself. In addition, it might be a car that needs to be licensed by an OEM or other “Hollywood” style entities. Examples include companies like Classic Recreations (which he founded), Revology, Velocity Restorations, Anything Scout, etc. In a nutshell, Jason was taking on clients to teaching them the business of PROFITABLY running such a venture. For this, I needed a full length interview…and this is out! 

TMCP #547: Mike Good – The Science of Dynamat! How to Choose Sound Deadening and Heat Insulation Without Going Crazy.

This week on The Muscle Car Place is with a great industry insider Mike Good, the CEO of Dynamat! I enjoy learning about the science and history of brands that I have used before, an Dynamat is one I’ve used numerous times for numerous reasons. I always new it to be in the sound deadening space because all of the guys in my high school used it in their “thumper” cars with the huge stereos. I’ve used it for different reasons on my cars; specifically heat abatement (headers are hot). This was my chance to learn the brand and the tech in one shot!

Mike has a long history of business leadership at the executive level across a number of different genres, even academia. He was previously the CMO of FinishMaster (automotive paints) and started a communications company that was really good at tracking things through software and GPS. He has been interested in cars his whole life and has been in the industry for decades. Today he’s proud to be the leader of Dynamat, a place that can tinker with car products (and other things) day in and day out.

TMCP #493: Tony Whatley – How To Execute Big Car Guys Dreams Come From Focused Hustle!

This week marks the return of an old friend and former co-podcaster, Tony Whatley. Tony has the street cred most us seek first: he has great taste in cars! That said, Tony likes reeeeeaallllyyy nice cars (and trucks) and he likes growing his own businesses to be able to enjoy the spoils thereof. He’s not shy about cutting to the point: if you want to have big car (or any) dreams that require a lot of money to acquire, you’d better find a way to generate a lot of money! More importantly though, Tony’s focus on his own (and now other people’s) businesses is taking something that’s growing to the next level. He’s used his own principles on himself, and his latest “fun car” (a new RAM TRX) is proof.

TMCP #448: Charlie Hyatt, Innovative Rod and Customs, Starting a Brand New Business in the Midst of a Covid Crisis

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Charlie Hyatt loved working on hot rods and had a career of working in hot rod shops throughout Minnesota. For years he he dreamt of having his own hot rod building business….and with young children at home and a pandemic hitting the country, he moved forward with it. And it’s working! This is his story.

TMCP #429: The Real Scoop with NPD’s Rick Schmidt: How Will The Covid-19 Shutdown Affect The Automotive Restoration Business Economy?

Happy May 2020! With some of the country starting to re-open I thought that this episode would be appropriate for a special edition all “Ask Rick” show with Rick Schmidt from NPD. Rick’s monthly segment has been highly popular with so many of you due to his straightforward approach to all questions asked, and I specifically wanted to hear how COVID-19 is affecting the automotive aftermarket and restoration economy. The short answer is…things aren’t exactly as you think they might be!

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