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K&F Show #224: Alex Taylor, Obsolete iPhones, and Top Gun 2; Dukes of Hazzard S7E10 Review S7 EP10 “Danger on the Hazzard Express”

Presented with Holley and MSD! Did you know that MSD – the most trusted name in hot rod ignition known to man – is part of Holley? Well if not…now you do! That’s right, that magical red “spark box” that was in every race car and high school hot rod you can think of has the same great quality and support of any Holley product you can think of. Visit to buy a few toys for yourself and make SURE you tell them we sent you!

Dukes Review: This is the episode where the General Lee goes rabid! The General gets turned into a remote controlled car, set to detail a train full of money with a load of dynamite in the trunk. Boss Hogg was behind the scheme of course, but the Dukes came back and nearly fought to the death to protect the most important their lives: their honor? No. Their fortune? No? Their reputation? NO! It was for their car! We have all learned this life lesson, and like them we all know that cars have a soul, need to be protected, and need to be fought for. Quite honestly, if it weren’t for the miniature stunt – which thankfully were minimal – this episode would be an 11 out of 10. Plus, the bad guy just happened to be Kung Fun Joe from to classic movie spook “I’m gonna get you Sucka!”

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